Tired of running, Beer wars, Turkey for Canadians and nephew love

I am tired. Of running. Or rather, of having to run.

This is very normal for me…and probably many runners out there. You work so hard at your training and then eventually you just burn out – more mentally than anything else. It usually happens once every 12-18 months for me (sometimes less) and I’m there right now.

I have my last race of the year next weekend in St. Louis and I am so excited for the trip and the race – but will be taking it very easy and plan simply to enjoy myself. I got nothing left in me for anything else.

I have found lately unable to pull myself from bed in the morning to go for a run…I just want to sleep.

And that is a sign that my body is tired. And it deserves to be tired (remember that 1:36 PB I got in my half this year??!!). And deserves to have rest. And that is what I’m going to do.

Tuesday night was another football game…we went to it coming off the last HUGE win and with hopes we could topple the Toronto Argnonauts…

Before the game, I enjoyed a yummy beer at my parents…

Which just made drinking this crap, that much harder…

First world problems, right? lol

It was a NAIL BITING INSANELY GOOD game but in the end, we lost (in the final 2 minutes of the game) 38-35 and the referee went home knowing that he had let his whistle get a good workout…seriously, the amount of penalties called was OUT OF CONTROL. We chanted “BULLSH*T, BULLSH*T” I don’t know how many times. lol

This guy in front of me (yes, I totally pre-judged him on his choice of head wear!)

and my dad were like best buds during the game and I had to suffer through this kid giving my 74-year old father, constant fist pumps. So awkward. lol

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada so I’m headed out tomorrow morning to go up north for the weekend to eat turkey (and, let’s be honest, bacon) and spend time with this guy:

Oh, and my 5-month old niece, brother, SIL and parents. lol They’re just not as exciting as this little precious guy is!!!

As for Abby…she is NOT helping me get up in the morning!

Happy Thursday!!!

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