Channeling my Maverick, CHEERING my team for once, and chilly runs!

This was me last night at around 11pm…

On THE FIELD after the greatest Redblacks game I have EVER seen. But let me back it up a bit.

Last night, at the game, it was Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night and it started out with a Canadian Calvary Regiment (sorry for not knowing exactly who they were!) marching onto the field

And then one of their members singing the national anthem.
And then, THE COOLEST THING EVER happened. A CF-18 flew 500m above our heads at lightning speed. I wish I had a picture or a sound recording because it was seriously, so so so so so so so amazing. For the first time in my life I understood why some people want to become fighter jet pilots, This is what the aircraft looks like:

And its top speed is 1814 km/h (1134 mi/hour). Much of the city (who wasn’t at the game) is up in arms now because, at 7:30pm last night, they thought they were under attack. lol

At half time they had silly games in which military members participated…


And then some absolutely ridiculous game involving 2 giant beach balls.

But let me tell you about the actual game. My friend Kyle is going to be so happy today when he reads this because he loves his hometeam and it frustrates him when I ALWAYS tear them apart (rightfully so I think!) in my post game review…but today will be different. Today, I am a PROUD Redblacks fan. They KILLED it last night.

We were playing the Montreal Alouettes and we beat them 39-17…but really, Montreal got 14 of those points in the last quarter when we put in our second string players to give them some practice! BUT, the most amazing part was when our QB, Henry Burris…

(from the Ottawa Citizen)

…set a CFL record for most completed passes in a game with 45…ONE OF MY PLAYERS SET A LEAGUE RECORD for something good, not something like most fumbles or most yards lost lol. And, Henry set a single game personal best with 504 passing yards. So AMAZING!!!

And then, at the end of the game, fans got to go down onto the field which was cool!

Ok, back to reality. It’s freaking cold here!!! It’s 4C/39F in the mornings!!! And it’s dark! Normally at the end of my walk with Abby, the sun is up and it’s light outside…

…sigh. Not any more.

So yesterday, feeling like I was getting over my cold, I donned my superhero tights…

…and headed out for a gorgeous (but crisp) 7 miles…

And passed by the stadium where I had no idea great things were going to happen in just a few hours 🙂

And I’ll admit it, while I have resisted turning on the furnace, I did turn on the fireplace the other night…

And then when she got too hot…

Happy Friday!!

6 thoughts on “Channeling my Maverick, CHEERING my team for once, and chilly runs!

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    So at the track the CF-18 banked right above the track to head towards you guys. It was freaky because there are next to no lights on the jet and you just saw the outline. I looked up and said “hey that’s not a normal plane!” And then it roared off to the stadium. A bunch of the little kids cheered…ok maybe I did too 🙂

    Then you could hear it zooming around but couldn’t see it. When it took off to go home, it once again when right to the track, slowed right down and then zoomed off right up into the sky to go “home” (I’m guessing Bagotville?).


  2. G

    It is cool. We had the Red Arrows (check them out) doing their stuff around our house recently for a show. So awesome to see.
    Can’t believe your team won, after what I said last night on Twitter. Haha! 😁
    We still beat you at rugby though. 💪😁



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