Where I draw the line, comedy of errors, and Abby throws a tantrum.

Sooooo, remember how Sheldon got a Purell bath last week after multiple people (with germy hands) touched him?

Sigh. I didn’t escape. On Saturday I suspected I was coming down with something and so I didn’t run in an effort to conserve healthy energy…but Sunday morning I woke up with a full cold and today is not better. Sigh. I love working with kids…but they can be so germy! lol

Friday after work I walked Abby with some neighbours and their dogs…

Yup, that would be 4 humans, 5 chihuahuas and 4 wiener dogs. And yes, Abby is of the giant variety.

Friday night I was over at a friend’s house and I watched the rest of Season 1 of Walking Dead, and this is what I have concluded: I can watch dragons on GOT, drunken debauchery on Bachelor in Paradise and ditzy and greedy women on Real Housewives but I draw the line at Zombies.

I just can’t. They’re dumb. And they make me laugh. And it’s not supposed to be a comedy.

So, I’ve tried it, but The Walking Dead is just not for me. It crosses the line of stupidity. lol

Saturday morning I was out walking Abby when she pulled a classic throwdown/trantrum…

IMG_8888…just because I wouldn’t let her (and me) walk through that wet & muddy grassy field. Sigh.

She then did it Sunday morning as well and I caught part of it on video…so you can see what it’s like dealing with her on walks! lol

Saturday night was a much anticipated Football showdown between the Ottawa Redblacks and the Toronto Argonauts….and it was classic. Classic comedy, that is.

It started off with the team all pumped up…

But it very soon unraveled…

The best was when a punt from our guy was returned 87 yards for a touchdown. Yeah, the Toronto guy basically ran past our ENTIRE team for almost the ENTIRE length of the field.

Then when we got a touchdown, our “kicker” failed to get the 1-point convert…like, how does that happen?? For a kicker, really, isn’t that just a basic skill like, oh, say, BREATHING?

In the end, despite getting 18 penalties (for 165 yards), we only lost 35-26…it was nice that Toronto, although only a few yards from Ottawa’s end zone, let the final minute of the game run out by just standing there…trying not to embarrass us any further. lol

The stadium, which had been a total sellout, had a steady clear out from the beginning of the second half and onward…

I still enjoyed myself though! Time spent with my dad, comedy on the field and “enjoying” some beer…

I was more interested in my Bud last night because of where its headquarters are…

I’ll be touring the brewery in St. Louis, MO in just a couple of weeks!! 🙂

Yesterday I just stuck around the house and did a ton a house chores – maybe not the best for my cold, but it sure felt great mentally to get it all done! And I enjoyed a hamburger with some BACON JAM! Sooooo good.

And Abby…well, Abby just took it easy yesterday…

Happy Monday!!

10 thoughts on “Where I draw the line, comedy of errors, and Abby throws a tantrum.

  1. rundoodlerun

    Oy, your football game sounds just as bad at the Baltimore Ravens’ game yesterday… pure and utter embarrassment. All I could think during their game was “we pay these people HOW MUCH??” Ugh.

    I totally agree with you on the zombie front – I just can’t. I’ve done the whole sci-fi thing (*sigh*) and am totally on board with the fantasy of Harry Potter and the world of The Hunger Games, but I totally draw the line at zombie, too. They’re just so… no. Just no.


  2. Just a Running Chick

    Haha! Thank god my dog doesn’t do what Abby does! It’s amazing how you can’t move a dog than weighs 30 pounds or less. If they don’t want to move, tough luck!! P.S. You should try watching the movie Warm Bodies. It’s kinda cool! 🙂



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