Trust, saying Thank you for bravery, Running, and of course, BACON.

I think I have said it before, but I seriously feel like I won the jackpot 5 years ago by landing the job that I have. Not that I ever need a reminder of this, but last Friday was definitely one. I’ve spoken of him before, one of my favorite patients, who lives in a very rough part of town (lots of shootings and assaults, and lots of prostitution) and who has some mental health challenges that make it difficult for him to leave his house and for him to trust people.

But he has gifted me with his trust. And let me tell you, I take that trust on a bike ride whenever he’ll let me! And THAT is my job. So awesome, right??

Saturday morning I skipped my run because I really needed the time to get some chores started before I met a friend for lunch. We went to the 3 Brewers which is where the best stop on the Beer Run was (they gave us the most beer AND water guns) and, in our race kit, they gave us a coupon for a free pizza. It was delicious!

Saturday evening, Fast Girl came over to my house for dinner (gnocchi with butter sage sauce) and drinks…lots of drinks. She slept over as well since we were both meeting up with another teammate in the morning to do our long run…as well as cheer on the city’s big race this weekend: The Army Run (5K and half marathon).

I woke up early Sunday morning to trudge through the neighbourhood with Abby and try and walk out some of the drinks from the night before.

Abby had sympathy pains…

The sunrise was telling of a GORGEOUS race day.

We had a few teammates running the 5k and others running the half so we planned our long run along the course so we could get in our miles and cheer our friends on.

The Army Run is probably my favorite race – to participate in or watch. The race raises money for Soldier On (supports ill and injured military personnel with a permanent of chronic disability) and Military Families Fund (supports families of military personnel who have been injured or lost their life and who are now at risk of being able to meet the necessities of a family). Two incredibly worthwhile causes. While the majority of the participants are non-military individuals, there is a large military contingent (a huge group from West Point were up racing yesterday) and there are many soldiers, who have been injured, out there reminding us all who live in relative safety of the brave men and women who have made incredible sacrifices for that safety. I get teared up multiple times during the race seeing people showing so much strength and courage. And this race gives us a great chance to say thank you.


One of the people we were out to watch yesterday was my friend Kyle (he did the beer run with me last weekend). He is a ridiculously fast runner. Like, ridiculous (and he works VERY hard for it, too). We managed to see him 4 times out on the course. Kyle (in the green shoes) and this other runner (also named Kyle!) were chasing each other the entire race…

But in the final few kilometers, the other Kyle pulled away and took third place in the race. Now, Kyle was very disappointed with his finish of 1:11:30 (just over a minute off his PB/PR and JUST missing a podium) but to the rest of us mortals, we can only dream of this being us crossing the line:

He could still give me a smile afterwards though! 🙂 Congratulations, Kyle!!!

We then went and cheered one of our teammates to her sub 1:30 PB/PR!!!

She is going to slay the NYC marathon this fall!!

As the sunrise foretold, it was a GORGEOUS day. And we did 12.5 miles for our long run – much of it zig-zagging through the course, but also along some of our favorite routes.

And then I went home and ate bacon.

I won’t mention how much of the package I ate…but if you guess “most of it” you’d be correct. lol

While she didn’t have any, Abby went into a sympathy bacon-induced coma.

Happy Monday!!

13 thoughts on “Trust, saying Thank you for bravery, Running, and of course, BACON.

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      You didn’t? It was sneaky…it was on their business card and unless you actually read both sides you wouldn’t have known it was a coupon!!
      I was right before Pretoria for the 5k!!



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