My workout vs. Abby’s workout, special delivery from Texas, and compensation for my winter hell.

Thursday night is track practice…but it starts at 5:30 and I find it very difficult sometimes to leave work, go home to feed and walk Abby and THEN get to practice on time. Yesterday was one of those days. I did not make it to practice. It had also been one of those days where I really needed a workout…one where I could zone out and give my brain a rest. Despite the warm weather, I went down into my basement, turned on Sons of Anarchy and ran 4 miles.

And then got some Abby love as soon as I was done. I then followed up with a quick strength workout – squats, push-ups, pull-ups and planks.

Abby also had a workout…well, her idea of a workout.

You can’t help but just want to cuddle with her, no? And yes, she really does spend most of her life lying down.

She was exhausted after her challenging workout, of course.

When I had arrived home from work and walked up to my door, I got VERY exited when I saw this waiting for me!

You know what comes in boxes that shape?

Ridiculously delicious cupcake icing from my good friend Jen!!!! You know you have a good friend when she indulges you in your hate for cake and, despite her LOVING to eat and make cupCAKES, sends you the only part you like: ICING. All the way from the great state of TEXAS.

We have had INCREDIBLE weather all week. It’s like the middle of summer here right now. And that has translated into amazing sunrises. Here is the progression of the sky view I had while walking Abby this morning.

Amazing, right??

I forgot to dig out her disco leash so I clipped on a little light to me this morning to make it a little safer for us.

Then I went for an 8 mile run…and thought to myself so many times: I am SO lucky to live here (well, except December- March…but this is some kind of compensation, I guess!)

Happy Friday!!

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