I have never been so excited for a weekend…and Adventures with Abby continues.

Before I get started about the most exciting weekend I am about to have, I need to just share with you what my view was when I opened my eyes this morning:


Ok, back to my weekend…my friend Alex said yesterday that it might as well be renamed, “The weekend of Jane”. I think he might be right. Here is what I’m doing:

Saturday morning I’m being picked up by Alex and we’re heading to…omg, I’m so excited…

Yup. It’s a festival all about BACON. Here is its description…cracks me up.

So yeah, basically the best day of my life. Until Sunday that is. Sunday, along with a couple of other like-minded friends (including my friend Jane), I will be participating in Ottawa’s…

Yup, combining two of my loves…running and beer.

Jane and I did it two years ago…I had a broken hand at the time (broke it while running…tripped over nothing and my left hand broke my fall)…and yes, we’re wearing Homer Simpson cut-off t-shirts. All class over here. ALL. CLASS.

It sells out incredibly fast so we missed out on it last year…here is how the RUN (it’s really not a race) works:

There is a 14.5km and 9.5km route. This year we chose the 9.5km route because one of our party members, Kyle, (who runs a sub-16 minute 5k) is a new father to twins and he (smartly) figured that if his wonderful wife (whose crazy pregnancy shots she allowed me to post on here last winter/spring) was even letting him do this at all, he should opt for the shorter distance!

Ok, so seriously, Bacon, Beer, & Running? That really is the “Weekend of Jane”, no?

I am ridiculously excited.

Was doing some cuddling with Abby last night before I went and picked up my “race” kit…

And then when I got up to leave, this is the look she gave me:

She cracks me up.

And then this…last night while walking Abby she managed to find a butter tart hiding in the grass (!!??)…What happens when you try and conceal your butter tart too quickly? It gets stuck to the roof of your mouth…

Happy Friday!!!

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