Awards, mailbox treats, Abby cuddles and my favorite little ninja turtle!!

I got my award from the Hotlanta Half the other day in the mail!

Because of the insane thunder and lightning storm that was the race, they were unable to hand out awards and so I was very grateful that they were willing to send them out…even all the way to Canada! 🙂

More proof that my neighbour, Lindsay (remember yesterday’s post?) is awesome!

Yesterday I went out for a run but I just wasn’t feeling it – legs felt like lead. So I cut it short at 4 miles, went home and did some handstand push-ups to make myself feel better. lol

My hot water tank died Tuesday night. Sigh. So I was told a technician would be at my house last night…anytime betweeen 5-9pm. Any guesses as to what time they got there? Yeah, not 5pm. More like 8:20pm. URGH! But while I waited for the guy, I had some quality cuddle time with the Abby.

I swear, I’m not holding her against her will! lol

This morning marked 2 things. The first one, I’m not so happy about…I’m pretty sure it was the first day of fall running. Yesterday when I ran, with the humidex, it was 86F degrees (30C). This morning? 24 hours later? Yeah, this is what was going on:

It was so “cold” that I wore a t-shirt rather than a tank top to run…but it was kind of exciting because it was the shirt that my friend Russ and his wife gave me when they met me in Atlanta – SOOOOOO nice of them, no?! It’s soooooo comfy!!!

OMG, it was gorgeous out there!

First part of my run…

Last part of my run…The other, and most, exciting thing that happened today is that my nephew – who you know I l love more than anything – started Junior Kindergarten!!!! My SIL sent me this:


Happy Thursday!

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