Running, Kayaking, Canoeing, Bikinis and Bacon! What else do I need?!

Ok, so that damn blister? It took me out for basically two weeks. Not only could I not run, but I had to wear flip flops every day to work…um, yeah, I’m a cute skirt/dress and heels kinda girl at work…flip flops were killing me! lol

Annnnnnnyway, last Saturday I had had enough and did what any normal runner does after having an extended period of forced time out: I went out with my teammates and ran 12 miles.

It was such a gorgeous day…and I couldn’t get myself up to the cottage fast enough afterwards!

And Abby was just as excited…as we get closer and closer, her nose spends more and more time at the vent or with her head out the window!

It doesn’t get much better than a long weekend at the cottage with temps in the fiery range…and spending it with my friend, Jane!

Seriously, when you’ve grown up never knowing anyone with the same name as you, it is so weird then meeting one and becoming friends with them in adulthood.

We pretty much spent the weekend doing the following:

Lounging (frying) on the dock…

FullSizeRender (2)


And eating bacon…

So basically, I was in heaven.

Yesterday, as I set out on my run, I knew it was only going to get hotter and hotter over the 7 miles…the sun is having a party these days…and I am NOT complaining!

Before I left for the cottage on Saturday, I had this exchange with my neighbour…

Two things to note from this: 1) I think that Lindsay’s phone’s “O” key is stuck lol and 2) I have the best neighbour ever. She gardens, I eat. Mutualism at its best.

Abby’s vaccine injections were two weeks ago and the swelling is finally almost all gone. As you can see, she’s making sure she gets lots of rest to help her body heal.

Happy Wednesday!

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