Complete weekend: Running, good food, good beer, good friends and football!!

I think I say this every Monday but, I HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!  It’s probably because I am going to love every weekend during the summer months!!

I did a lot this weekend but don’t have all that many pics because I was trying to enjoy the moment.

Friday night I went out for dinner to one of my fav restaurants – Green Papaya (I borrowed these pics from their website)

And because it was such gorgeous weather, we were able to eat outside.

Saturday morning I met up with one of my teammates for my first run since Hotlanta.

Stacey and I did 11.5 miles and it felt so awesome to be out there! Going into the run, Stacey knew that I might not make it far with my blister on my heel, but in the end, I had no issues…until I got home, saw that the 2nd skin had removed itself…and that things looked… (WARNING: It’s really gross)

I cleaned it up and put another layer of 2nd skin on and went back to wearing flip flops.

Saturday night I went to the Craft Beer Show that was happening this weekend.There were 40 craft breweries and I wish that I could tell you I sampled all of them but I didn’t even come close…but I certainly had fun!

Sunday morning I did an easy 5 miles along the canal. Absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, when I got home, my blister was looking the same as it did yesterday after my run, so I decided that the 2nd skin wasn’t helping – it was just keeping the wound moist – and didn’t reapply, just kept it open to the air so it could dry.

Met some girlfriends for lunch at a brand new restaurant called Crust & Crate. Again, borrowed pics from their website. They have GREAT pizza!

These girlfriends are 2 women I met through running 9 years ago and we instantly became best friends. We each have busy lives and I’m the only one who still runs with the team, so we see each other only once every couple of months. Which means it’s a serious business of catching up when we’re together filled with laughter, (sometimes) tears and overall happiness!

Then last night was a Redblacks football game with my dad! Yay!

Although, there was some disappointment as my team CLOBBERED the poor Saskatchewan RoughRiders, 35-13. You know I utterly enjoyed last season when oftentimes I felt I could play better football than them!

It would have been CLASSIC had my team lost to them as the Riders are win-less so far this season! But no, they pulled off a game like this:

  • first of FIVE TDs happened 2:13 into the first quarter. Keep in mind, we are known to not have our first down of the game until the second quarter!
  • we sacked their QB (I think they went through 3 of them during the game!) 10 times…TEN. It was referred to as a “Sack Parade” in the newspaper this morning!
  • we are now 5-4 and third in the east division…that is COMPLETELY different than this time last year…still not sure how I feel about this! lol

It was an awesome game!!!!

Thank you for all your well wishes to Abby last week. The swelling at the injection sight is now the size of a tennis ball, but her spirits are good and last year, the swelling got this bad and then slowly went away…so fingers crossed that happens again this year and it doesn’t get any worse!

This is the suck at my parents’ place last night…no, don’t feel sorry for her and think she’s the saddest thing you’ve ever seen…she has plunked herself down there because the kitchen is where food is, and if she’s in the middle of the floor

  1. You can’t forget she’s there and MAAAAYYYYYBE you’ll give her something to eat and
  2. She’s in good position to nab anything that falls on the floor

I saw this being circulated online and it totally cracks me up.

Happy Monday!!!

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