Barefoot and missing my high heels…and Abby needs your love right now!

My alarm went off at 5am this morning so that I could try and go for a run. I got out of bed, fed Abby and ate my breakfast, walked Abby and then attempted to put my running shoes on.

(Except it's my heel)

(Except it’s my heel)

UGH!! The blister/cut on the back of my heel is still so bad that I can only wear flip-flops…running shoes are completely out of the question…and of course, all I want to do right now is run. lol

So, it was back to the basement again for another Barefoot Workout

And let me tell you, I will be SORE tomorrow.


DeadliftsDB Chest Press (Canada AM news on in the background lol) (note: Abby likes to supervise and correct my form) Russian twists w/ feet up And some good ol’ clam shells!

Can I tell you how much I miss my running shoes? (Or any shoe that has a back to them for that matter??)

Abby had her annual vet appointment on Tuesday night which includes vaccines…one of which she reacts very badly to by having a large abscess form at injection site…the first year it happened, the abscess exploded through her skin. In the middle of the night. It was AWFUL. So now, she gets antibiotics for 10 days after the injection which seems to at least stop the explosion – she still develops the abscess and is just not herself in general.

Makes me sad. I just want to say home and cuddle with her.

Send Abby some love, please!

Happy Thursday!

16 thoughts on “Barefoot and missing my high heels…and Abby needs your love right now!

  1. Kristin

    Hey girl!! You look fabulous!! I’ve been away all summer, but great to see you’re still running and lifting hard! You rock! Poor heel! Hope it gets better soon! Poor baby Abby!! Such a sweetie! Sending her lots of hugs and kisses! XOXO


  2. Just a Running Chick

    Have you tried applying Aquaphor to your blister? It worked great on mine – but then, mine wasn’t in back of my heel!

    So sorry about Abby! I had to take my little girl to the vet’s, too. She had erhlichiosis a long time ago (it’s now called anaplasma). Basically, it’s like Lyme disease is to the deer tick, except anaplasma is transmitted via the wood tick. It can get in the joints (specifically, her front leg’s “elbow” joint) and come back every so often, and she limps on her front legs. She was traumatized too, so I completely understand!



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