At risk of deportation and may seek refugee status this weekend in Atlanta.

Like some other people who were born in Canada but who clearly don’t belong here…

 …after my run last night, I’m starting to think I might qualify as well. (As for the ease at which I found these pics of them posing with Mounties…I have no words!!).

Monday morning I went out and did 7 miles.

It was gorgeous…but it was sweaty with the humidex, at 6:30am, being 84F (29C). My pace was 7:53min/mi (4:54min/km), average heart rate 160.

Yesterday we had our umpteenth day in a row of a Heat Warning in Ottawa (and the province)…basically, people can die because of the heat. Remember this pic?

Yeah, our bodies can handle this…so extreme heat is deadly for Canadians. lol

Unless you’re a fake Canadian…which I have suspected that I am one for a while, but now have more proof.

Last night, with the humidex at 102F (39C) I decided I should go for a run because…a) it’s good training for Hotlanta and b) I kinda totally love extreme heat (except what it does to my fake straight hair!!).

So, I put very little clothing on and headed out for a run…did the same route as Monday…7 miles…slightly higher heart rate BUUUUUUT same pace. lol And you know what? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it.

So basically, I need to find myself some Mounties to have my picture taken with, no?

Let’s be clear though, I will still run a relatively slow half marathon this weekend in Atlanta BUT, I am going to LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT…and might never come back! lol

Happy Wednesday!

(Oh, and some Abby fill for those of you who only read this for pics of Abby – this is her, at 4 months, flaked out during a 6 hour car ride)

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