Training for Hotlanta – Cottage Styles!

Another great weekend at the cottage, but before I could get there, I had a long run Saturday morning to get done! Met up with 2 of my teammates and we set off in a slow trot…9am and already killer humid and hot. This pic…

…was taken with us sitting down because, as FG (on the right) said, “I’m just too hot to even stand anymore!!”.

It was the kind of humid where it’s foggy…this is crossing the bridge from Quebec back into Ontario with the Parliament buildings off in the foggy distance.

As soon as I got home, showered and quickly packed my car, Abby and I were on our way to the cottage where my parents, aunt, cousin and her husband were waiting for us. With the temps in the 90s and humidity pulling it close to 100F,

we spent most of the day in the water!

You know I love Abby but let me tell you, I REALLY wish she could let me swim by myself. But she won’t. She needs to be with me at all times…and without that silly raft thing, she is clambering onto my shoulder and effectively drowning me.

Despite my threatening bodily harm should he jump anywhere close to me, my cousin’s husband (who is 42 going on 13) felt the need to do it anyway…

This is how the day ended…life is good.

Sunday morning was something I have never seen up there…still warm, but SO FOGGY

The sun quickly burnt it off and Abby and I were able to go on our usual morning paddle in the canoe…

…it’s tiring being a passenger. lol

But really, Abby LOVES the canoe…she sits in it even when it’s not going anywhere!

Then it was time to go home…and for Abby to catch up on sleep!

This was her while I unpacked, did laundry, made dinner, ate dinner, did the dishes…

And this was her once we got into bed!

Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “Training for Hotlanta – Cottage Styles!

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    So in California it was over 100F every day, but so much more manageable because there was zero humidity. The one day it was “humid” was funny because the locals were whining and I’m like “ahhh haha this is NOTHING” and then they looked at me weird because they think Canada never gets hot….

    We spent the day at CHEO yesterday (Max had a fall right onto his face – had to get the swelling checked out, he is fine) – omg, the AC was sooooo nice.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I think I would LOVE heat without humidity…like LOOOOOOOOVE. lol

      Oh no – poor kid!! Yes, the AC is ridiculous…I go to work wearing as little clothing as professionally possible but have a my winter wardrobe there to change into!!!!


  2. Anna @ Piper's Run

    Oh life at the cottage just looks too good! It’s stupid hot in Nova Scotia this week. I seriously am thinking about sitting under my sprinkler for an hour tonight. Or make a picnic dinner and hit up a beach with my girls….good lord this heat is rough!



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