My mom’s review of MI5, my feelings about our “nation’s bird” and being a rat.

Wednesday night was the bday dinner for my dad out at Milestone’s. My parents had gone to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at the theatre next door right before dinner and this was my mom’s review (keep in mind she is a conservative and proper 64- year old woman):

“I’m not sure I have seen so many bullets miss their mark or so much punching that seems to do little damage but that Tom Cruise…take away his crazy, and he would do just fine for me”

Sigh. lol.

After dinner we headed back to my place for dessert (one of my dad’s favorite – vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce) and to open gifts…Abby was VERY helpful in the opening part.

I work at a pediatric hospital. Some days are really hard on my heart (Wednesday was particularly bad) and some days are awesome. Yesterday was the latter…by far. I got to spend the first hour of my day biking with one of my patients who has some pretty big challenges in life. He is just about the sweetest boy and is by far one of my favorites. My job is to try and get kids more active and with him, I felt I needed to actually go to his house and take him out biking.

And so that’s how I got to spend the first hour of my work day yesterday!! He does best in quiet, low-traffic areas and this path along the river was the perfect!

IMG_7404 Except for these nasty creatures.

Nasty hissing and snapping birds. Ugh.

Thursday night is track practice with the team, but I was feeling WIPED by the end of the day – haven’t been sleeping well for some reason – so I skipped it and told coach I’d do it this morning on my own.

I woke up this morning and while my weather app said this:

This is what was really going on…while it’s a video, it was too dark to see anything…so just listen…

TO THE RAIN that was NOT in the forecast. SIGH. So this workout…

…with a 5k warm-up and cool-down…was done on the ratmill. Oh well, at least I could get it done.

Headed up to the cottage this weekend – WOOHOO!!!

Happy Friday!!

5 thoughts on “My mom’s review of MI5, my feelings about our “nation’s bird” and being a rat.

  1. Brittany

    The weather in Washington (state) was crazy the other day too. From 90 and sunny to 60 and THUNDER/RAIN the next day, and then back to 80 and sunny. HA. Tom Cruise sure is nice on the eyes.

    Liked by 1 person


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