Preparing my coach for my appearance in Atlanta and dealing with a dachshund.

August 23. That is 11 days from now. Ba-hahahahaha!

Why does that makes me laugh. Oh, because I have a half marathon on that day (State #9!!). And I am so not prepared. Sure, I have been running regularly, and been putting in some decent numbers but at the end of the day, I have had a lot of vacation time and my brain has just not been focused on training like it was for, say, Mississauga back in May.

But I am not worried, complaining or regretful, quite the opposite. I live in Canada. Summer is only here for 2 months of the year. I need to make sure to ENJOY those months and if that means relaxing on a patio with a cold drink or heading up to the cottage for some RNR and not getting in a workout or cutting the workout short…I am TOTALLY ok with that. Last night, at practice, I just needed to make sure my coach was fully aware of that.

Me: Hey, coach, sooooo, my race in Atlanta in a week and half…you know it’s gonna be slow, right? Like, REALLY slow. Like, slow as in you don’t need to include it in the team stats. It’s going to be 8 billion degrees in Atlanta and I am not planning on busting my butt. And I’m ok with it…I just need you to be ok with it…or at least prepared.

Coach: You should wear a cold vest. It’ll help. (he’s dead serious)

Me: No, seriously, I’m running this thing slowly. I don’t want a cold vest…truth be told, I kind of want to torture myself on this.

Coach: *snickers, shakes his head* Ok, I hear you. (I still don’t think he REALLY gets it)

Ok, so that being said, I’m still running and this is what this week has looked like so far…

Monday, I wasn’t feeling well (ate something funky on the weekend) and decided to play it safe and run on my TM…so that if needed, I could quickly, um, use the facilities. I did just 5k out of the 11k planned…gut just wasn’t not happy.

Last night was Hellish Hill Tuesday. It had been raining all day but stopped just for our workout (thanks for the humidity, weather gods). 5k warm-up, 5k cool down with 3 x 1 mile hilly loops in between on 3 minutes rest (15k total workout).

Miles were: 6:46, 6:42, 6:29…BOO-YAH.

This is how the sky looked as I was leaving the workout…

And this is what was going on while I was making myself dinner…

Later on, I took Abby out front to pee and she took off on me and almost got hit by a car. To say I was both freaked out and SUPER pissed off at her is an understatement. When I got her inside I was “lecturing” her on her total disobedience. You tell me, how worried/upset/concerned does she look?

Funny how hours earlier I had tweeted this pic…

And just to prove my point AGAIN…this was her on our walk this morning…IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE.

Good thing she is so darn cute!!

My hamstring and glutes have been quite tight (painful) lately and this morning was a wee bit worse…so again, I chose the TM in case a quick exit was needed. Did 5 miles. Abby, um, well she had a different type of TM workout. lol

Today is my dad’s 74th birthday and so, naturally, he is taking me and my mom out for dinner! Dessert and gifts at my house after 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!

8 thoughts on “Preparing my coach for my appearance in Atlanta and dealing with a dachshund.

  1. Luis Garza

    Happy birthday to your Dad…enjoy those days while you can! I love your dog Abby…too funny! I am envious of your training up north…I hope that pays off for you in Hotlanta…something tells me you will be waiting a while for me at the finish line!



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