East coast love, tournament of heat and Abby love.

Hellooooooooo!! It feels like forever ago that I last posted…and I don’t even know where to start!!

On Friday, July 31st I flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia…if you have not yet been to the east coast of Canada, you must. This was the view from my hotel room during the day…

And this was it first thing in the morning…

To die for, right? Sigh.

I was there for a field hockey tournament with my team from Ottawa. But we of course enjoyed the social parts of the city and culture while we were there for the long weekend!

I actually started enjoying it the minute I landed – at the airport bar!

Ok, the real reason I was sampling beer at the airport bar was that the Halifax airport is a $60 cab ride (which is ridiculous) so I was waiting for teammates on a slightly later flight to arrive so we could share the cost of the ride (and it was after 11am…east coast time!).

Then we enjoyed some more beers at this funky pub…

Including their sour raspberry beer which was actually pink!
And then, in the evenings on Argyle Street (yup, so they painted the street Argyle lol!!),

the beer sampling continued…with teammates ensuring I always had a beer in hand! lol

Ok, ok, we actually played hockey too…in the BLAZING heat. It was awesome.

This tournament has been around for decades and for the last 15 years or so, the same team has won it every year. The Andrews Team. Why the name? Oh, they are all part of the Andrews family. Seriously. It’s crazy. You want to marry someone from that family? You had better pick up  a field hockey stick and figure out how to use it!

We had played in this tournament 2 years ago and it had been a heart wrenching experience because we lost in OT of the finals…to The Andrews Team. And it had been so close…and so nasty at times. The refs swore they would never ref a match between us again, full fights broke out on the field (and not just between the men)…it was ugly.

This year, after 5 tough games in the heat, we found ourselves once again, in the finals, against The Andrews Team (in yellow)…and there was an actual debate as to who would be willing to referee it! lol

It was 0-0 until the final second of the game when they scored, winning the tournament once again. The difference this time was that a) The Andrews Team actually outplayed us and deserved to win and b) it was so hot, no one really wanted to go into overtime again! lol

It was such a great weekend with very physically demanding hockey and, um, well, some VERY late nights…to the point where I brewed myself some coffee on the Monday morning I was flying out…

And yeah, forgot to actually put coffee into the machine. Sigh.

Got home Monday and headed straight up to the cottage for the rest of the week. I had plans of doing yoga every morning on the dock like I did last year buuuuuut, I got some unfortunate turf burn (nasty trip fall during a game) on my knee that went from bad

To worse and really, just plain annoying.

Because every time I bend my knee guess what rips open? Yeah. Think about yoga…how many times do you bend your knee? Sigh.

So I just lay around and enjoyed the sun and read…

Went out in the canoe with my trusty companion…

And even got to try some Stand Up Paddle boarding which I had wanted to do for a while – and LOVED it!

I have awesome neighbours up there…they left on the Wednesday and said that I was more than welcome to use their hot tub while they were away…you can guess where I found myself!

I wish I could end each day like this…
And as for Abby, I’m not kidding, she is in a deep depression right now. She has been moping around the house since we got home and giving me the most unbearable puppy dog eyes…she basically is in doggy heaven when we’re up at the cottage.

Most of it is spent hunting (fish, snakes, chipmunks, squirrels…anything that moves)

But she is also an excellent boat dog!
Not sure how I’m going to really be concentrating at work today…all I want to be is here…my happy place is in a canoe on the lake at my cottage…it just doesn’t pay the bills. lol

Happy Monday!!


14 thoughts on “East coast love, tournament of heat and Abby love.

  1. Just a Running Chick

    What a great vacation! Sorry about the ouchie. I missed you and Abby, but a vacation by the water is the best! My dog just barks at the water, though 😦 She’s not a fan! Too bad we can’t have a job by the lake / canoeing / kayaking!

    Liked by 1 person


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