Cake pops & 3yr olds, An epic selfie-off, and An amazing run!

Last night, we were all over at my parents for dinner and, obviously, Jackson and I had a selfie-off.

We’re totally normal.

Well…maybe not…

I love him so much. lol

We had these for dessert…cake pops…

And this is what happens when you give a 3yr old a cake pop.

It can actually get really hot here in Ottawa and we’re in the middle of a pretty intense heat wave…and with the humidity, it’s a little cray-crazy for us Canucks. So a lot of people have been floating this around lately…UGH.

This morning’s 8 mile run started out as the last two mornings…hot and muggy…but still beautiful! I love that I live in the centre of Ottawa, the capital of Canada…and get scenery like this to run along just steps from my house!

And then, my dream came true. The skies opened up and it POURED RAIN.

Now the sun is out and the sky is blue…but I didn’t even bother fighting the hair this morning.

I fly out first thing tomorrow morning to Halifax, Nova Scotia (east coast of Canada) for a weekend field hockey tournament…I fly back on Monday and head up to my cottage for the rest of the week! I am soooooooo excited!!!

Happy Thursday!! If I don’t manage to post after the hockey tournament, have a great week and I’ll catch up with you in about 10 days!!

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