My team’s SHOCKER, some great runs, and the Jackson-Abby water duo!

I just had an amazing weekend! And let’s be honest, that’s mostly because I got to hang out with this guy! (He had his first soccer game on Saturday…don’t you just want to squeeze him?!)

But the weekend was kicked off by an amazing football game that provided the (usual) comedy in the form of our kicker being unable to basically, um, kick the ball and you don’t know how many missed catches…like, really, you wouldn’t believe me. And then of course, the usual awesome beer selection. LOL.

But then all of a sudden…we started making great plays…and woah, get this…we found ourselves tied at the end of the game heading into overtime…WHAT IS THAT??

(Seriously, how awesome are our seats?? Right on the 50 yd line!!). Anyway, if you’re not familiar with my game reviews, let me give you a quick reminder that my team won a grand total of TWO games last year. Yup, two. So, going into overtime is practically like making it to the playoffs for us!! And then the unbelievable happened. Opposing team started with the ball, we forced the QB to fumble the ball (normally something we do REALLY well), and we gained possession of the ball…if that wasn’t insane enough, our shamed kicker successfully then kicked a field goal…um, hello??!! WE WON!!!!!!!!

Leading to mass chaos on the field…both teams in disblief…lol. It was an awesome game!

Saturday morning I met up with 2 of my teammates for a long run…it was hot and humid but we got in a solid 12 miles.

I spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house, got into bed early and so was able to get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, get in a humid 5.5 miles…

…and was in the car headed to the cottage by 7:30am! Made it there in time for breakfast and basically spent the rest of the day in the water with Jackson. But, before I show you pics, I need to tell you that my brother and SIL bought me a gift…a gag gift…that turned out to be the greatest gift ever! lol. A selfie stick!!

Yeah, we used it ALL DAY LONG. lol

Canoeing is in our family’s DNA. You do it before you can remember, you do it as well as walking and you crave going out in the canoe for a paddle or on a canoe trip. So how excited was I to be able to take Jackson out on his FIRST canoe paddle?!

We also always personalize our paddles with a footprint or handprint…it’s just tradition.

Then there was LOTS of playing in the water… (Abby and Jackson slept SOLIDLY last night!!!)

And trying to catch fish…

I seriously cannot get enough of this kid!!

Oh, and my niece, too! lol

And I spent some quality time with my brother…in the canoe, obviously!

The cottage is probably the place I’m most happiest at. And being there with family this weekend just made it that much better.

Happy Monday!!

8 thoughts on “My team’s SHOCKER, some great runs, and the Jackson-Abby water duo!

  1. Cathy

    This is such a warm fuzzy post! I love spending time with my nieces and nephews too. LOVE the handprint / footprint on the paddle. And Abby is quite the swimmer!



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