A weekend of Football, MDH, Breaking my nose, and Facing my BIGGEST fear.

Kind of a crazy weekend. Friday night was a 3 hour comedy show…I mean, Redblacks football game. If you were reading my blog last summer, you’ll remember that my CFL team is so bad that we cheer wildly when they CATCH the ball. Because that alone has been challenging for them.

It was a great (comical) game where we didn’t get our first down until the second quarter, it rained the ENTIRE time (the cheerleaders had to wear clear ponchos),

I drank classy beer

And, while walking over to the other side of the stadium at half time to meet up with some field hockey teammates, you’ll never guess who I ran into.


21,000 people at the stadium, and I run into him. We ended up chatting for half an hour. Him saying that all his friends have told him he’s an idiot for treating me the way that he did, that he misses me, that he knows he messed up….blah, blah, blah. That’s all I have to say about it for right now.

Saturday was the City Chase Ottawa event. It’s basically the Amazing Race, in one day, all in one city. When I originally signed up, it was with NG. We were going to be a team. Buuuut, well, that didn’t work out so my my awesome running teammate, FG, happily filled in for him!

I look like I’m 5’2 next to her!!

It starts with everyone getting, at the same time, double sided sheet of paper with 20 clues on it.

Solving the clues, allows you to know the location of that Challenge. You must complete 10 Challenges – and some of them are mandatory from within the 20 given.

We got our sheet, sat down, and started solving clues and then mapping those locations out on a paper map to help us strategize where to go first, etc.

You can use your smartphone, call people, ask people on the street for help. But to get to each Challenge, you can only walk/run or use public transportation (you’re given a daypass for the city’s public transpo in your race kit). Anything else and you’re disqualified.

Sooooo…let’s just say that the first Challenge ended with my face being a bloody mess. Yes, on THE FIRST CHALLENGE. I don’t want to go into detail because it makes me nauseated just thinking about it and the sounds I heard, but let’s just say I had a mishap in a pool doing a synchro routine and broke my nose and split open my lip. But I still had my teeth and it looked like my nose was still straight soooooo…we kept going! lol

Here are some pics from challenges – I really didn’t have time to take many pics because you’re in such a rush all the time…

This one just makes you feel uncoordinated – lol! You had to dribble a soccer ball around pylons and smash into other teams.

Here, you’re supposed to work with another team and pull the bus 20ft, but when Nadine and I got there, there wasn’t another team and so we said to the guy running the Challenge, “We’re kinda badass and think we can pull it on our own – is that ok?” No, he did NOT like that idea…but we eventually convinced him to let us try…and um, yeah, we killed it. We pulled that bus like it was a plastic toy. LOL.

One of the Challenges made me face my biggest fear. You had to reach into a bowl, pull out a marble and the colour of the marble dictated what creature you had to hold…either a boa constrictor, scorpion or…TARANTULA.

Ok, let’s just be clear here. I am TERRIFIED of spiders. Even so called harmless daddy long legs. I know my fear is irrational (for the most part), but I can’t help it. I think they are horrible, horrible, terrifying, vicious creatures.

I could have held the snake…even the scorpion (although not happily)…but the spider? No way.

FG reached into the bowl and pulled out the red marble. Which meant tarantula. I just about passed out right then and there. We both stood there, paralyzed, each saying we couldn’t do it…which would mean not completing the Challenge and having to find another one to replace it. So, with tears streaming down my face I said, “I’ll do it”.

That is my own hand with the death-grip on my forearm. I still squirm when I think of it or look at this picture. But I did it, right??

In the end, FG and I completed 10 Challenges and made it back before the cut-off time, but I’ll be honest, we were not good at this City Chase. LOL. But we had an INCREDIBLE time…well, minus the face smashing incident.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I didn’t have full peripheral vision because of the swelling at the top of the bridge of my nose…I pretty much could have auditioned for Star Trek without needing make up! But once I got up, the swelling went down considerably and with my skills with makeup that covers the bruising across my nose and what has seeped under my eyes, I just look like I got into a bit of a fight!

Yesterday I had brunch with a guy I haven’t seen in 25 years…I had lunch with him specifically to apologize for something I had done back in grade 7.

But I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow…still need to digest all the was said yesterday.

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “A weekend of Football, MDH, Breaking my nose, and Facing my BIGGEST fear.

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Lol!! You kind of like tarantulas?? Ewwww!! Lol!! Ok, to be honest (because I had my head turned and couldn’t see anything) it felt like a really sweet fuzzy animal on my hand…but we all know it wasn’t!! Lol



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