Badassery on the track, a Coach’s warning about body weight and TGIF Abby!

Track Thursday. We killed it. And it was total teamwork – my badass girl pack.

This is how it went down:

For the mile in the middle, I was thinking I would do 6:20-6:30 and mentioned that to one of the other girls…but Fast Girl (FG) overheard and said, “No way. You’re doing 6:00. Because YOU CAN.” And she was right.

Then on the last loop I was 4th back and was gaining on Vanessa right in front of me…she heard me coming and said, “Go get it, Jane!”. Seriously, training environments can get quite competitive (especially with women…our claws can come out), but I am so fortunate to be with a group of women who do the exact opposite. It’s amazing!

As our coach was getting ready to take the group shot, he paused, looked at FG and said, quite concerned, “You’ve lost weight”. It’s true, FG had her wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago and there were some complications so she was on fluids for about 2 weeks and did lose weight. She reminded him of this and his response is what I wish every coach would tell their athletes: “I don’t want you to lose anymore, I want you to gain it back. I want you eating cream puffs after practice tonight”. So we went out for drinks and nachos after practice…to support our teammate and help her follow coach’s advice, of course! We’re selfless that way. lol

This was Abby after our walk this morning. It’s a tough life.

Happy Friday!!

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