Deep breaths (and some tears), Abby love, and crushing some Humid Hills!

Ugh. I was ok yesterday. Head held high. But today I feel like I’m on the brink of tears at all times. I don’t miss The Coward (formerly known as NG), I’m mad at him and hurt by his actions which is making me emotional. I hate whining about it too…but talking about on here helps so please, bear with me over the next week or so.

At least I have this long body of fur to help me feel better…and make sure I get out of bed in the morning!

Monday morning I got in 5.5 miles in thick weather…with the humidex, we got up to close to 104F (40C). It was gross. But it’s still gorgeous out along the canal…

Last night was the Hellish Hill workout. Made even worse by the temps. Although not as bad as Monday, still REALLY thick and hot air – probably in the 90s with the humidex. During the warm-up, the 4 of us who actually were brave enough to show up for practice, discussed asking coach if we could do continuous loops rather than intervals with the 3 minute rest. Yeah, this is basically the look he gave us when we asked:

He said no. Sigh. Said that because of the heat, he wanted us to make sure we had that rest in between intervals. Ok, fine, can’t really argue with that, I guess. But he said we were only to do three 1-mile repeats rather than the 4 he had originally “prescribed”. So, off we went…

Mile repeat times: 6:59, 6:49, 6:31

WOOHOO!! Those times aren’t much off my usual times done in normal weather…on the last one, I was even on the heels of fast girl…who was being killed by the humidity!!

We did a group shot at the end…the brave (moronic) souls who showed up to practice…

Two things crack me up about this pic…ONE: my torso could blind someone and TWO: I look SHORT in this pic!! Fast girl (white hat) is just over 6 feet tall. lol

Soooo…I’ve been going on about the heat wave we’ve been in…yeah, welcome to Canada…this is what was happening when I walked Abby this morning:

LOL. Ridiculous.

Happy Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Deep breaths (and some tears), Abby love, and crushing some Humid Hills!

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      LOL. Not quite…too hot for stupid gear (plus, I don’t have it as well developed as you do!)…was just motivated by the fact that I was keeping up with fast girl!



    awe. I’m so behind on posts, that I’m not sure what yu’re sad about 😦 I’m gonna guess guy problems.? sorry dear. Hope Abby and you get tons of cuddles and you feel better soon.
    GREAT workout of yours 🙂



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