Making the podium, the Human Machine I train with turns 65, and Abby cuteness.

In some ways this week has flown by (and I feel like I took barely any pics which is SO out of character for me) and in other ways, it felt like Friday would NEVER get here (ok, part of that is likely because NG has been up at his cottage all week and I’m jealous!).

Tuesday night I had my field hockey exec board meeting where I meet up with a bunch of old(er) men at a local bar, we order beer and nachos/fries and we discuss issues related to the club…as well rib each other endlessly. It’s all very serious. lol

Wednesday was a rest day and yesterday was a team workout on the track. The workout was:

3 sets of 5 x 300m with 100m jog, 3 minutes between sets. Done at 5k pace.

He always gives us an intensity but we rarely follow it – meaning, he says 5k pace, and we run it at 3k pace and kill ourselves. But yesterday, he had a serious talk with us before we started and said he really wanted us to be at 5k pace for this workout.

I gotta tell you, we ACTUALLY behaved last night. A group of us calculated that a 1:12 for the 300s was a sub-20 minute 5k, so we stayed just below that and every repeat was done in 1:10-1:08…until our final one which was done in 1:02. lol

I love being outside at the track. The sound of feet hitting the rubber brings me back middle and high school track meets. I managed to find this pic in an album last night:

This is me placing 3rd in the 100m in the city championships when I was in grade 8. I can’t tell you how proud I was of myself that day – and even better, my dad was there to watch me. Funny, I used to be a 100m fanatic…any distance longer than that was just for crazy people. Fast forward 20+ years and I refuse, out of fear, to run a 5k and won’t do anything less than a half marathon. lol

After practice we went out to celebrate the 65th birthday of one of our teammates.

The birthday girl, Paula (far left) is a machine. There’s really no other way of describing it. She was off from running (and training completely at times) for 8 months because of having to have major shoulder surgery…she’s still not fully back to training yet but, um, yeah, in June, she did a 5k and finished in 21:28. Yeah, see? Machine. I hope I’m that fast when I’m 65!!

Did an easy 5.5 miles this morning…it’s going to be a hot one today!

And while I was doing that, Abby was…well, being Abby…

Happy Friday!!

8 thoughts on “Making the podium, the Human Machine I train with turns 65, and Abby cuteness.

  1. Cathy

    Love the grade 8 pic! I just started adding track workouts to my training and really, really like them! Kind of making them up as I go along and pretty much just running as hard as I can. I will take your info to heart! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person


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