Training for insanity and coming out on top…and an alligator from Texas helping us with natural selection.

Soooo my next race is in Atlanta, Georgia on August 23rd and the race is aptly named the Hotlanta Half Marathon. I know it’s going to be hot and so I’m really not planning to get a PR at all. I’m just going to go and enjoy the race and sweat my butt off! However, in order to enjoy the race, I do need to make sure I do training while dying in the sun…

…so that my Canadian system can deal with it. This morning was a good start to this kind of training! With the humidex it was 84F/29C when I started out on my run as the sun was rising.

When I started out this morning, my plan was 5.5k warm-up followed by 8 times continuous hill repeats (have a meeting tonight so can’t make it to team practice for the hellish mile hill repeats). But I’ll be honest, by the time I got to the hill, I was like, um yeah, I’m just gonna do 6 repeats on this. lol.

The cool thing is that the last time I had to miss practice and substitute it with this workout, my hill repeats (6 of them) were done between 1:34-1:31 per repeats and my max HR was 188. Today, a month and a bit later, with the temp + humidity WAY higher, the same 6 repeats were done between 1:21-1:17 and a max HR of 189. Um, I think that calls for a WOOHOO!!! Good reminder/indicator that training does pay off!!

I was too tired and hot to even remember to take a pic of the hill so I snapped one of part of it on my drive to work lol…

…While listening to this ol’ gem of a song! lol (how can one NOT do some car dancing?!)

Ok, if you have some time today, you must check out these links to some STUPID things North Americans have done in the past few days.

1. What happens with you launch fireworks off the top of your head. Spoiler alert: you die. Video

2. Canadian charged with mischief after flying a lawn chair tied to balloons. Video

3. This  is my absolute favorite!! Someone told him not to go in the water because an alligator had been spotted there…his last words were “F**K that alligator” before he jumped in the water and was immediately attacked and killed by the beast. HIS LAST WORDS WERE “F**K THAT ALLIGATOR!!! Ba-hahahaha!! Video

Happy Tuesday!!

10 thoughts on “Training for insanity and coming out on top…and an alligator from Texas helping us with natural selection.

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    I know it isn’t funny, but “F*** that Gator!” just cracks me up.

    It is so humid! Like a crazy fool, I just cleaned, vacumed and washed the inside of my car. Now I’m working in a sports bra/short shorts lol


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      OMG. I know, right, you shouldn’t laugh ’cause someone died…but still, omg, that is HILARIOUS!!! I’m sitting in my office with the heater on – stupid over AC!!! lol


  2. Chris

    Always remember the consistent line in all of these stories “Authorities believe alcohol consumption was involved in the incident”. You drink and sometimes you make really dumb decisions and become a news story.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Brittany

    I HATE running long distances in the heat. My max is usually like 4 miles until I get really uncomfortable. I’ll do it….but I don’t prefer it! HA.



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