Superhero for the weekend, Campfire Cones and a lil’ track work!

Whyyyyyyyyy do weekends have to end??

Came back late last night after spending the weekend at NG’s cottage. Suuuuuch a good weekend. The weather was perrrrrfect and I finally got to wear my Batman bikini!!

Drove up first thing Friday morning…but not before I got a local store owner (Strategy Games) to open up his shop early to sell me a copy of Cards Against Humanity.

This is quite possibly the funniest game I have ever played (is NOT for children…or for people who would describe themselves as reserved and/or prudish).

We basically spent the weekend on the dock and in the water. On Saturday, some of NG’s friends came up and the only additional thing we did was go visit old Fire Tower and its new “memorial” tower. Amazing view.

On social media, I had seen these delicious things called Campfire Cones being talked about, so we HAD to try them ourselves. Here is how you build one:

Gather ridiculously good ingredients such as Snicker Bar bites, mini-Rolos, chocholate chips, Reece’s Peanut Butter cups, and marshmallows (really, there should be bacon here) .

Pack them in a waffle cone.

Roll it in tin foil and throw it on a campfire (literally IN the fire) for 5 minutes and then unwrap and ENJOY!

This is how I ended my Sunday… 🙂

And then had to drive home…leaving the cottage and gorgeous sunset behind me…Sigh.

Oh yeah, and running? Let’s see…last Thursday I had track practice with the team

5k warm-up, 6 x 200m (30s rest between intervals), 1 x 1200m (3 minutes rest), 6 x 200m (30s rest), 5k cool down.

We all joked about how it seemed like a relatively easy workout…yeah, coach was literally laughing at us as we finished the final 200m repeat and basically were lying on the ground gasping for air. It was killer.

I didn’t run at all this weekend while away – was too busy lounging on the dock. lol But this morning it was back to the grind with a 7 mile run in absolutely beautiful weather…the kind where you just want to be up at the cottage. Sigh.

As for Abby…she was in fine form this morning.

Happy Monday!!

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