The big “eh” day, getting caught for speeding and Abby the Woolly Mammoth!

I had yesterday off from work because it was July 1st which means…

In my younger years, this meant THE BIGGEST NIGHT PARTY DOWNTOWN of the year. Like, total insanity.

As I have become older and unable to physically handle that kind of abuse on my body, I have come to enjoy the festivities downtown DURING THE DAY and the fireworks at 9:30pm before then heading home to bed. Here are some pics to show what it’s like downtown:

However, these pics are not from yesterday. No. Yesterday, mother nature decided she hated us. And while it didn’t deter the crowds, there was an accessory that most people had to have with them yesterday…

And me, I just avoided it altogether. lol. NG and I went out for lunch and then just hung around my place, with Abby, to celebrate the day.

Speaking of Abby, she HATES me brushing her, but yesterday I realized I really needed to groom her…and OMG, did I ever. And no, she is not bald now. Not at all.

Tuesday night was team practice…4x 1mile loop of the horrible hell hills. But I did them continuous on Tuesday rather than with a 3 minute break in between each – just felt like doing it that way and coach was ok with that.

Because I’m not used to doing them continuously, I ALWAYS start out too fast. These were my mile splits: 6:53, 6:58, 7:06, 7:08. Max heart rate of 193. It’s a killer workout…and I love it (once it’s over).

While I was doing my cool down strides, one of my teammates showed up to say hi…she is a police officer and hadn’t been able to make practice because she was working…and while watching me do the strides she suddenly got the idea to clock my speed…with her radar gun.

And my coach snapped a pic of her clocking me at 23kph/14mph doing my 50m stride. LOL.

Am back at work today and then am off again tomorrow…heading up to NG’s cottage for the weekend!!!! And while yes, I wore mitts this morning to walk Abby (it was 10C/50F), the forecast is for hot & sunny (well, at least hot for Canadians…not so much for, say, Texans lol).

Happy Thursday!!

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