Professional bib # enterer, steamy city runs and appreciating Abby ways.

I just had one of the the best kinds of weekends in a long time…I didn’t jump off any huge cranes, I didn’t drag myself through mud or over obstacles, I didn’t travel anywhere…I just stayed home, got all my house chores, groceries and meal prep for the week done, paid all my bills, did a couple of runs and chilled with Abby and the new guy, NG. LOL.

Saturday morning was a very special 5k race for my team (see last year’s post on its history) – and while I wasn’t racing, I was certainly going to be there to cheer them on and volunteer in whatever capacity I was needed.

I decided to run out to the race course and OMG…why don’t I run on this route more often??? (ok, I know why, I’m a creature of habit…but note to self: branch out more!!) I basically could have taken a movie during the entire run, but here are a few shots from along the route (I had a complete 7.5 mile route of this from my house to the start line).

I got there just in time to see my girls off!

And then was quickly enlisted to enter in bib numbers on this laptop as runners entered the final 100m so that the announcer could call out their names…

…it meant I had front row seats to the finish…but taking pics and entering numbers proved to be basically impossible.

I did manage to snap one of the winner – Rachel Hannah – as she sped past me to break the tape!

She won this 5k last year and while she won this year, she had a “disappointing” race in that she finished in only 16:25…last year she set a course record of 15:58.

That’s just sick. lol

After this race was possibly the CUTEST most awesome race I have ever seen. The kids 1k. OMG. They were adorable. Again, I was feverishly entering in bib numbers so only managed to snap this one. We’re gonna see her in the olympics for sure.

Saturday evening NG and I went to friends’ house for a BBQ and NG was given full approval by the girls there (guys are like…whatever, he drinks beer so he’s cool lol).

Sunday morning my teammate, Vanessa, and I headed out for a 9 mile run in pouring rain that quickly turned into sunshine and a steam bath!

Look at how hazy it is!!!!

And what did Abby do this weekend?

And then I joined her! She may be onto something…Happy Monday!!!


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