Me, FIFA and a hot dog…and Abby and the rabbit.

Right now, FIFA Women’s World Cup is happening in town and my BFF from Toronto came up and we took in some games last night.

I have a couple of girlfriends who I have been friends with for decades, and whenever any of us can get together, it’s always a good time…and last night was no exception.

Our tickets were for Mexico vs. France and then Spain vs. Korea. We barely watched any of the first game and I’m not sure if it was because France was such the dominator making the game dull or if it was because Erin and I had 2 months of girl talk to get caught up on! Probably the former. LOL.

Same stadium in which I watch my comically gifted Redblacks play, but they don’t get the field watered down for them…this was actually hilarious to watch. In field hockey we have huge water trucks…FIFA uses the human worm.

We were at the games from 4-9pm so we had to eat dinner there…

Food choices were limited AND costly. A hot dog (the smallest possible) a pretzel and beer cost me close to a day’s salary. lol

Because I wasn’t able to go home from work before heading to the game, I had a neighbour look after Abby…and Abby came home with a gift…one that had to come on our walk this morning despite my knowing how it was going to go.

Yup, starts out all great…we’re walking along like we’re a good little wiener dog.

Then it starts to break down…where she’s getting restless and belligerent.


And then full out strike.


And then completely ditching the purple rabbit and refusing to listen to me. You know, story of “Jane and Abby”.

This is how I found her the last two mornings when I woke up…she may drive me insane at times, but my gosh, she is ridiculously cute!

My running, like my life the last few weeks, has been all over the place with no real consistency…and it doesn’t bother me in the least! I have a half in August but it’s going to be 150F the day of the race so it’s not like I’m planning to have a PR…in fact, quite the opposite…so am just enjoying the good weather and running when I want!

This morning was one of those times…and it was GORGEOUS!! 7 miles of this:

Happy Thursday!!!


11 thoughts on “Me, FIFA and a hot dog…and Abby and the rabbit.

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    oh my goodness – the traffic to the track last night was absolutely re-donk-u-las. I’m guessing the soccer game had something to do with that. I left my house at 4:25 and wasn’t even at Riverside Hospital by 5pm (normally 10 minutes or so). I drove past Landsdowne and noticed the stands were packed. I just turned around and went shopping instead.

    Tonight – I’m coaching…..not taking Riverside drive ever again!


  2. Cathy

    Insert standard comment here: Oh, Abby! Ha ha. Looks like a fun evening except for the limited, pricey food! I need to start my training too. So willy-nilly lately!



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