An Epic weekend of a Beer Mile, Kayaking and my first OCR…and whole lot of mud!!!

OMG. Seriously. I just had the craziest weekend EVER.

I’m not sure I have even had the time (or energy) yet to properly digest everything that happened. But here goes…

Friday night, some girls on my team did a Beer Mile. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a quick run down:

Purchase 4 cans of beer (standard 355mL size), with minimum 5% alcohol. Show up at a track with a bunch of your runner friends who have made the same purchase.

We did it in the evening to avoid attracting too much attention…

When the “gun” goes off, chug one of your beers as fast as you can, run a lap around the track. Chug another beer and run a lap…and so on until you have chugged all of your beers and run 4 laps (1 mile) around the track. If you puke, you have to do a penalty lap. First person to complete it wins!

For the record, I would normally NEVER drink this beer, but it's good for a beer mile.

For the record, I would normally NEVER drink this beer, but it’s good for a beer mile.

Some of you probably have done this yourselves…others think this sounds fun…and many of you think I’m downright moronic! LOL!

I don’t need to bore you with the minute by minute replay but let’s just say, by the final lap I was well in the lead…until suddenly, I felt my stomach somersault. I stopped dead and all the people watching and cheering us on let out a huge, “WOAH – LOOK AT JANE!!” My stomach isn’t really all that big, and it had 4 beers in it…4 beers that were being shaken in my stomach by the up and down of running…which meant, there was not enough room in my stomach anymore and yes, I totally puked. Like EPIC projectile puke. Consisting of pure beer foam. And I felt AWESOME after and quickly took off to complete my final lap (still in the lead) but then had to do a penalty lap during which someone else (fast girl) finished…leaving me in second place.

In the end I did the 4 laps in 11:37 and with the penalty lap in 13:04. So yeah, I drank 4 beers in about 10 minutes. That’s gross. LOL. But let me tell you, we have never laughed so hard!!! And of course thought it was a good idea to continue on partying afterwards!

Buuuuuuut, this trooper made it to her long run with the team the next morning – the only one of us who had done the beer mile to do so!!

10 miles of gorgeous running weather!!!

Then I met a friend for lunch…and enjoyed a burger (with bacon on it) and a delicious Sangria!!

After that I met up with my friend Marc to go Kayaking around Petrie Island on the Ottawa River. I’m not sure the weather could have been more perfect.

And apparently the wildlife thought so too!

I love turtles!!!!

This beaver was enjoying a full salad and didn’t seem to mind us being there in the least!

Then we took a little break on a sandy beach and watched the sun start to set.

And watched it set as we paddled back to the car.

And then Sunday came. Sunday marked the day I attempted my first Obstacle Course Race (OCR) with the Mud Hero – a 6km race course through insane terrain with 16 obstacles and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of mud. I did it with my friend Veronic who is so fit she makes me feel like a sloth. She is trying to convince me to do a Spartan in a couple of weeks so we did this race to get our feet wet…literally and figuratively, as we are both dedicated road racers and aren’t sure OCR’s are for us.

This was us before the race:

She also makes me feel like a giant. LOL

Here are pics that are from previous years, but it’ll give you an idea of what we went through…literally went through.

This was us at the end…after we had had a chance to dump some clean water on us so we could actually see out of both eyes!!

While we were doing it for fun, we are both uber competitive…and in the end I placed:

119/8838 overall

10/6045 females

3/1079 in my age category

Veronic signed up for the Spartan today…I am still on the fence…and cleaning mud out of crevices. lol

And while I was having a weekend of total insanity, of course, this is what Abby was doing:

Happy Monday!!

22 thoughts on “An Epic weekend of a Beer Mile, Kayaking and my first OCR…and whole lot of mud!!!

  1. Chris

    OCR are very fun and addictive! I will warn you that after doing many of them the Spartan series of races have the toughest obstacles but they are worth doing.


  2. G

    Never heard of beer mile over here! Must be tried! Well done in the race. Over here, it’s called tough murder! Says it all!



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