Throwdown Mania: The Ultimate Edition

I’m not kidding. This morning was OUT. OF. CONTROL. with the throwdowns.

I am being deadly honest when I tell you that each one of these pictures was taken at a different spot on our “walk” this morning. I seriously nearly lost my mind.

And of course, every single person who was out this morning for their own walk stopped and said to her, “Ohhhhh, you poor little thing, you’re so tired that you’re lying down?”


And let me tell you, she was already in my bad books. When we got home from the kennel on Sunday she had a bath right away…and then, while still slightly wet (because you’ve seen what happens when I try and take a blow dryer to her) she BEGGED to go outside in the backyard. Against my better judgement, I let her out…only to to curse myself 5 minutes later for having let her win.

Yup. Digging her way to China. UGH. Had to have another bath again because all the wet fur + dirt = MUD COAT.

Then last night, I catch her digging ANOTHER HOLE!

Next door, there is a Husky who gets bones to chew on…like real bones…straight from the butcher. And I think Abby is attempting to get over there and sample one herself!

I’m NOT ok with this. But let’s be honest here, when she gives me those puppy dog eyes asking to go out back, I cave EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Sooooo…I haven’t posted much this week because I’ve been sick. With this horrible sore throat. That WILL NOT GO AWAY. And it zapped the life out of me.

Last night, when my friend Marc found out that I wasn’t feeling well, he showed up at my house with soup and a movie. Hmm…I think THAT is how a woman is to be treated, no?

Also, when I have a sore throat, I like to eat really spicy food…makes my throat feel better…anyone else feel that way? Soooo…I have kind of overdosed on Thai food…

Tuesday lunch…

Dinner on Wednesday…

Lunch on Thursday…It’s a problem. That I am going to do nothing about!

After not having run since Monday morning, I forced myself to go this morning despite having what feels like sandpaper for a throat – but I felt that the mental benefit I would get from the run would outweigh the risk of making whatever I have, worse.

And I was soooooooooooo right. 7 miles, 4:42min/km (7:34min/mi) within Zone 1 HR. Awesome.

And then followed up with 10 handstand pushups!

And the dismount!


Big adventures happening this weekend…

Tonight, if the weather cooperates, I will be doing an event that involves 1 mile and 4 beers. And hopefully no puking.

And Saturday, I’ll be doing an event that involves 6km and lots and lots of mud.

Update coming on Monday! 🙂

Happy Friday!!!

17 thoughts on “Throwdown Mania: The Ultimate Edition

  1. irtfyblog

    On second thought…I don’t think I want a clone of Abby…she’s adorable, but after the third throwdown, she and I would be at serious odds with one another. lol.

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. I hope the throat sickness doesn’t get worse. Take care of yourself.

    Have fun this weekend!


  2. Cathy

    Ha ha! My dogs all did something similar as puppies. But not the full-out, lie down and not move thing. Does she get up for treats? Do you think it’s a cold? Or allergies that are making your throat feel brutal! And yes. When I have a sore throat the only thing that helps is eating. Not a good combo with resting! Feel better!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Oh, Abby will do anything for food!! But if I start rewarding her with food for getting up, it will for sure become worse – she’ll throwdown just so she can get back up for a treat!!!

      Not allergies…it’s a cold…and it’s getting worse 😦


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