MDH’s monkeys, the EASY run and Abby kisses.

I’d like to say that for sure this is the last of the MDH updates, but I’m not entirely sure that would be true…even though this is totally how I’m feeling…

So, as you know, he asked to meet me for lunch last Friday. I assumed, as I’m sure most of you did, that he must have something new to tell me, an epiphany or sorts. We sat down, ordered food and drinks and he started talking…and talking…and talking. After a while I found myself thinking, “Why am I here? He just wants to talk about himself and all his needs. He’s not even looking for a response from me”. He literally talked in circles. How we fit so well together, but how we were both had strong personalities and there was a chance that we would clash, so we needed to cut our losses now rather than run the RISK of a clash down the road, how he missed me and thought of me all the time…but how the RISK of us not working out was too great a risk to take…blah, blah, blah. It was kind of unreal. Hadn’t we already had this discussion? Did I really need to listen to it all over again? I said as much to him and he was shocked, he really thought he was revealing new information to me…no, MDH, sorry, at the end of the day, it’s still the same problem – YOU have issues committing.

And despite the fact that at times I felt like this…

I just couldn’t walk away. Ugh. But it will happen…because quite frankly, all his commitment issues and ghosts from past relationships?

So let’s transition to another topic…what better way of doing that then talking about Abby!

This is her and her friend Lucy giving kisses yesterday. Cute factor through the roof.

Yesterday morning I had a great run. As I transition my runs from the treadmill to the great outdoors, I have struggled to keep my easy runs as easy as they were on the treadmill – my heart rate has consistently been in Zone 2 rather than Zone 1 on my outdoor easy runs. And after learning how crucial these runs (EASY runs) was to training, I have been working hard at doing them better outside. And yesterday, I held a 4:46 min/km pace (7:40min/mi) within Zone 1 for all 7 miles! WOOHOO!

It was gorgeous outside, but on the chilly side 9C/48F.

After the run I came back and practiced my handstand pushups – trying to work back up to being able to do 10 easily (which I was doing last year)…then will work on having my head touch the floor (which I have yet to be able to do)!

The weather is kinda dreary here today…was VERY jealous of Abby as I left for work today…

Happy Tuesday!


17 thoughts on “MDH’s monkeys, the EASY run and Abby kisses.

  1. Chris

    Did MDH at least pay for lunch? If you aren’t getting free food out of these meetings then there is no way you should keep meeting up with him (yeah I’m not the most sensitive but make up for it by being very efficient!)..


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Oh god, yes. He definitely paid. There was NO question about it. LOL. Don’t worry, that thought crossed my mind a few time…”Well, at least I’m getting a free lunch!” lol


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      You are SO right. There were so many things he was saying in his monologue last Friday that I was like, “Woah, this is a red flag regardless of his past baggage!”

      I need to listen to my gut…and all of you!! lol


  2. earl_penney

    All those free lunches and your shorts still don’t fit… Where is my popcorn, I’m watching this all day. I thought MDH was Major Dick Head (being military and all) my bad.



    first two quotes, YES.! you deserve better than a guy rambling about himself. he should be begging to be with you.!! not giving excuses. but I know.. it’s hard to let go.
    NICE hand stand. that is totally killer. and impressive.


  4. irtfyblog

    I sent you an email, but I’m also going to post here what no one else will ever tell you…

    If you saw a puppy that ran out into heavy traffic and was hit by two or three cars, was badly wounded but survived, how would you respond?

    I’m pretty confident that you would run out into traffic and save the puppy, then after the rescue, you’d want to nurse him back to health.

    And why would you do that? — because you’re a caring soul who wants to love that puppy…

    so, with that being said…why can’t you see MDH in the same way?

    The reason I say this is because MDH has been wounded, just like you were when he crushed your heart. He’s afraid of letting you down, but he doesn’t know how to say it without talking in circles. Here’s a news flash for ya…MEN AREN’T VERY GOOD AT COMMUNICATING THEIR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. 🙂

    Truth is, MDH is looking for a woman who doesn’t want to quit on him and won’t let him quit. He needs you to look at him and say what he’s dying to hear from any woman he likes…

    “I like you and I’m not going anywhere.”

    I’m pretty sure you and every woman reading this will tell me I’m off my rocker and that MDH is a fool and you should dump the jerk, loser, a-hole or whatever choice name they have for us guys these days; but I stand behind my advice because I’ve done exactly what MDH has done to you.

    So, treat him like that little puppy that was hit by a car, and even if he bites or snaps at you…hang tough and snap back, but don’t stop providing the encouragement and love that you have to offer him. Believe me…under that wounded shell lies a man who desires to love and care for you like no man ever could.

    If you choose to walk away, that’s up to you…but I suggest you stick it out for a while longer, no matter how difficult it may be.


  5. Brittany

    Definitely nothing at all to do with Abby at this point, homeboy has some problems and it’s only going to get stickier the longer you stay around!! He may be a great guy, but until he works on his own demons he won’t be ready. Been there, done that..a roller coaster I never want to ride again.



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