Airport mishaps in heels, lots of family love and bacon.

When I went away to university, it meant moving 5 hours away from my parents but it also meant that I was half an hour from my Aunt Ann and Uncle Pierre. The best aunt and uncle someone could have. Other than my dad, my Uncle Pierre was the greatest man I knew. And prostate cancer stole him from us 10 years ago.

Last fall, my aunt received the diagnosis of very advanced ovarian cancer. The prognosis was not good, but she went through surgery and full chemo and radiation all winter. She lost all her hair, had to depend on friends, neighbours and strangers to drive her to and from appointments, deal with horrible side effects of the treatment. And that entire time, she was the most positive person.

While meeting my niece, Jillian, and seeing Jackson this weekend was awesome, the real reason for the trip was to celebrate my aunt’s 70th birthday.

But let me back it up a bit…

Saturday morning I was getting ready to head to the airport when I received this video from my brother:

Yeah, I just about died from the cuteness.

When I took a taxi to the airport…the driver freaked out (with his Indian accent) when he saw me getting into his car with my purse and a small backpack, “You are woman, why you have no bags? You need 3 bags, 1 box, 1 suit bag, 3 purses…!!!”. Hilarious.

He dropped me off at 8:45 and it took me 5 minutes to get through security…would have taken me three, but my earrings set off the metal detectors. When I walked through and the sounds went off, the only metal i was wearing were my earrings so I pointed at them and the guard said sarcastically with a huge grin, “Ya think??!!”


Ok, so they are big (picture might not do them justice) but the guard admitted afterwards that they must be made of mostly silver if they set off the detector. JUSTIFIED. lol

Then I settled in at my gate with some classic Canadian refreshments.

And paid no attention to the time until I heard my name being called over the PA. I seriously almost missed my flight because I was TOTALLY at the wrong gate. I ran (in high heels) the 15 gates to mine…and made it on just in time…with a panicked look on my face and wild hair!

I then took a cab to my grandparents retirement home where my parents were waiting for me. We all had lunch together (let’s not talk about the food) and I had the chance to spend time with my 94 year old g-parents…I need to enjoy and take advantage of every minute I get with them at this point.

Then it was on to my Aunt’s birthday bash!

And what a bash it was. Her kids organized a big party at the local University Faculty Club (where my uncle used to teach) – and they made sure it was kid friendly!

The first of many Auntie Jane & Jackson selfies!

And then the immediate family (some of whom live in Chicago and so I don’t see all that often) went back to her house to continue the celebrations.

It was universally agreed that her new hairstyle is a keeper – she looks younger and just overall awesome!! I love her so much.

Sunday morning, my parents and I had breakfast at my brother’s place (where I had spent the night). Pictures and videos describe it best:

Bacon. Obviously.

Then it was selfie time!

And then pretend Auntie Jane is your own personal play structure!

Then show Auntie Jane all your cars and tell her what their names are (this kid has all the Cars movies completely memorized!!)

And then this latest hilarious word Jackson uses…

…no one know where he learned to say “Fabulous” about someone’s hair but it cracks me up!!!

And of course there was time with Jillian…

That receiving blanket was one that both me and my brother used.

She is such a good baby and Jackson is so good with her!! He kept saying, “Look at her, she is soooo cute!” lol!

But then it was time for us to go. And that’s when the heartbreak happened. Like, literally. When my brother told Jackson we had to leave, he started to cry and hid in a corner saying, “I hate goodbyes to Auntie Jane”

It was awful and he wouldn’t let me near him. But, just as I was going to walk out the door, he came running to me and gave me a big hug. I love him an incredible amount.

Then it was the trip home – this time a loooooooooooooong drive back with my parents. You’ve heard about my auditory pain before in the car with them…it was no different this time. Except instead of Willie’s Roadhouse country music station it was this.

This conversation with my sister-in-law describes my pain.

We stopped for lunch and I of course took advantage of adding a little more bacon to my day with a Chicken Club!

And then FINALLY, we arrived at the Kennel to pick up my Abby!

The person yelling is the woman who owns the Kennel…they think she is ridiculous too. And they love her.

And then it was home. Sweet, sweet, home.

Happy Monday!

P.S. MDH update will come tomorrow. I really hope it’s the last one.

10 thoughts on “Airport mishaps in heels, lots of family love and bacon.

  1. Carson

    Don’t you just love coming home to your dog? They are always so excited!!
    Living far away from family is the worst. Saying goodbye never gets easier.
    And I cannot wait for an MDH update!


  2. CathyV

    So many funny parts to this heartwarming post. I particularly like the earrings, sitting at the wrong gate and ‘Electric Prunes’ on the car display! LOL!



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