Just when I thought MDH was out of my life…and hockey defense skills with my finger.

Abby would like to thank you for all the birthday wishes she received yesterday but would like to remind you that EVERY day is Abby Day. And don’t you forget it!

Last night was field hockey. I haven’t talked much about hockey this season…because truth be told, I’m not enjoying it as much. I don’t know why. I think maybe it’s because I’m more focused on going on training runs and hockey kind of interferes with my training. Also, I’m not finding like I’m playing as well as past years…but that also could be because I’m just not that into it. Buuuut, last night was definitely the best night so far – just a lot of good play.

I played fairly well and made a brilliant save…with my finger. OUCH. This morning it’s swollen and the bruising has started. Don’t you kind of love battle wounds, though?
Since I’m away this weekend with no time to run, I had planned to do 10 miles this morning buuuuuuut, apparently after a tempo run yesterday morning and 90 minutes of hockey last night, my legs were having none of that.

Soooooo, within about 500m of my run, I switched it to an easy 5 miles. In this gorgeous weather.

The other thing that happened this morning that was not in the plan…MDH texted me. Wants to meet for lunch. To talk. I really have no idea what’s going through his mind, but I feel strong enough to go meet him and hear whatever it is he has to say…also, I’m curious annnnnnnd, let’s be honest, I look good today.

Eat your heart out, MDH.

Happy Friday!!

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