The Abbygator: 6 years in the making. Tempo Thursday with tantrums and thunder threats.

How time flies…6 years ago today I was in San Diego, excitedly preparing for its Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon when I got an email letting me know that the litter of puppies, of which I had the number 2 pick of, had been born and all were healthy. When I got back home, I drove out to the breeder’s house and prepared for “my puppy” to immediately run to me and identify me as her human – ’cause that’s how it happens, right? Yeah, all 8 of these little furballs rushed at me at once and climbed all over me and kissed me. ALL OF THEM.

It took 4 visits before I could finally pick which one I was going to take home with me. And I don’t know how I lucked out the way I did, but I honestly have the most awesome dog around (ok, I might be a bit biased). So, Happy Birthday, my precious Abby!!!

“MOM, hurry up and take this pic so I can dig in!!”

When I got home from work last night, I was craving a cold beer…but needed to walk Abby soooooo….if you read Monday’s post, you’ll know that is not coffee in that cup!

“MOM!! Could you put your phone down for 2 seconds and just take me outside??!!”

Last night was a gorgeous night so I BBQ’d up a homemade burger (so what if I had one the night before, too?!) and grilled some asparagus and enjoyed it out on my back patio as the sun set.

This morning, probably because it’s her birthday, Abby upped the ante – apparently throwdowns on the road were not acceptable and she felt she deserved to move it onto someone’s front lawn. Full out tantrum.

Today was a tempo workout. And, for the past 5 months, every single one of my tempo runs has been on a treadmill (distracted by GOT)…but this morning, despite the threatening weather…like, really threatening…

…I did it outside. I set my garmin to keep me below a 4:30min/km pace (7:15min/mi). I did an easy 2km warm-up then ramped it up to tempo speed for 6km. This was the resulting average pace (and heart rate) for those 6k’s.

That’s a 7:00min/mi. SWEEEEEEEEEET!! Then a 2km cool-down. It rained almost the whole time and I was so grateful for it as it’s muggy outside.

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday, Abby!!!

8 thoughts on “The Abbygator: 6 years in the making. Tempo Thursday with tantrums and thunder threats.

  1. CathyV

    Thankfully of the 4 dogs I’ve had the choices have been fairly easy. First was a pet store when I was 19 (I know, bad, bad) and she was on her own with a cocker spaniel while the other Lhasas were together. It was easy to single her out. The second was from a breeder that had one boy and one girl. While we liked the colour of the boy, we wanted another girl. Next was a choice of two girls–a bit harder, but one was by far the runt and really needed us. Of course we picked her. And lastly and only a month ago, our rescue was one of one. I can’t imagine choosing from a litter of 8!!! It is absolutely incredible the impact dogs have on our lives. They love us unconditionally and give back in so many ways to make our lives better. Happy birthday sweet Abby! I can tell you are special 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thank you, Cathy!! I literally thought she would pick me…or that she would display something that made her different. NOPE! I wanted a female and there were 2 males so that cut out 2…leaving SIX identical adorable pups!!

      Yes, they are the best creatures in the world!!!!


  2. Just a Running Chick

    Aw, I can’t believe Abby’s birthday is 2 days after my dog’s birthday! 🙂 Happy birthday, Abby! What a cutie! I love the pic of her as a puppy! Yeah, I ran during the day because I was worried about thunderstorms. We had a bad one last night, and then they were predicting them for today, but I think they missed us! 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      She was soooo cute as a pup…well, and still is!!

      The weather has been crazy. This morning was terrible and now it’s sunny and gorgeous…but everyday has this threat rain and storms. I wish they would just happen at night while I’m asleep! :))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just a Running Chick

        Haha I remember one summer – my commute took me over a mountain (more of a hill, but you could see far) and I swear to God there would be a thunderstorm right over my town and clear everywhere else all the time!! I’d groan because I’d want to go running!

        Liked by 1 person

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