Getting back together and then breaking up again. Finally, there is closure.

The final MDH update. When he ended it 2 weeks ago stating that he just couldn’t deal with a dog, a lot of what I was struggling with was this

I hate “what ifs” and I knew that the dog thing was not what was really going on. Over those 2 weeks, we talked everyday, saw each other a couple of times…and eventually, he was able to verbalize that it wasn’t the dog thing, it was the fear of getting hurt again. That those ghosts of past relationships were haunting him something fierce.

Friday he came over to my house and said that he wanted to be with me…that he thought of me every minute of the day and was miserable without me. That he wanted to silence the ghosts and move forward. So we spent the weekend together. And then last night, his ghosts came back and he called me and said, “I don’t think I can do this”. To which I replied, “And I KNOW I can’t do this. I care so much about you, but the balance is now tipped to where being with you, is more stressful than good. And I know it’s time to let you go.”.

It was sad, but there were no tears this time. And I have closure.

Ok, onto other topics!

Saturday morning was just stupid.

Sent this to my BFF when he asked if I was heading out for my run soon…

This is my “Are you kidding me? I’m walking Abby and dying of cold!! I will be hanging out with my treadmill this morning!” look. It’s also my, “I just got out of bed” look. lol

So 6 miles were pounded out on my treadmill while watching the end of season 1 of Sons of Anarchy…am totally into it…although not like GOT. Nothing will be like GOT.

I spent Saturday afternoon up at the cottage with my dad…

…beautiful right? Yeah, no. I spent 4 hours cleaning out EVERY cupboard in the kitchen and washing almost every dish and every utensil because mice had a full-out ALL WINTER LONG party in there. Seriously. They found a jar elsewhere in the cottage that we throw our beer caps in…and they lugged THEM ALL into the cupboards and strewed them everywhere. Along with their “droppings”.

I have no pics because trust me, you didn’t need to see it. Although I will show you the awesome retro vacuum we have up there!

Tell me that’s not awesome. lol

I came back into the city in time to cheer on my teammates racing in Ottawa’s 10k (there were over 13,000 people in it).

Here is fast girl. She rocked a 38:58 minute 10k. Sick. My friend Kyle Desormeaux rocked his 10k in a time of 32:16. REALLY sick. He was running so fast I couldn’t even get a pic! lol

Saturday night Abby and I spent at MDH’s house and I agreed to watching the UFC fights with him (I’m a difficult girlfriend, aren’t I? lol). OMG. I knew I wasn’t a fan of UFC before, but more because I just don’t understand WHY guys want to make a living beating on each other. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I know that there’s this whole art and technical side to it, but at the end of the day, this is what happens…

The guy in the blue shorts just pounded on the guy on the bottom until the ref called the match. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Who likes doing this??

This kick broke that guy’s jaw. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???


And when this was happening, I literally had to shut my eyes and plug my ears. I just don’t get it.

My Sunday run was 10 miles after I cheered on teammates and friends running Ottawa’s half and full marathon – including my “long run” run buddy, Andy!

By the time I started my run, the temp was in the 80s. Yeah, remember how I was wearing a scarf, hat and mitts the day before? #canada

But am not complaining…it was GORGEOUS.

It put me in such a good mood that I wasn’t even angry at my hair yesterday.

Ended the weekend by enjoying having some refreshments while walking Abby with neighbours and relaxing in the warm weather.

This is how we roll when we want to have evening drinks while walking the dogs! πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!

17 thoughts on “Getting back together and then breaking up again. Finally, there is closure.

  1. Kyle Desormeaux

    OMG! I made it on the blog! Awesome. For the record I did see you cheering, I think I sent you a message in some kind of form, thanking you! Thanks for the shout out.

    Also, I can’t believe this story of Mr. MDH


  2. irtfyblog

    Looks like a really busy weekend! Glad to hear you FINALLY have some closure in the matter and if he’s always wondering about the past hurts, he’ll never be able to fully commit to you. Sounds like you did the right thing. Proud of you!

    Also, I would like to mention that you’re an extremely beautiful, successful, engaging woman and you ROCK!! (there’s my encouraging word for the month. My quota has been met. LOL.)

    btw… I’m a little disappointed that there are no Abby pics in this post. :-/ lol.


  3. Tai Fung

    Baseball > UFC — You get sunshine, beer, and happy cheering.

    Glad you shut down the situation, btw. You sniffed out the toxicity quickly enough. Move. On!


  4. Brittany

    I couldn’t love this post anymore. I’m proud of you, and you are already far beyond moving forward, way to go my sassy little minx!! Your hair…on point…and that is a genius reuse of a Starbucks cup. πŸ˜‰



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