Wearing mitts again but its somewhat fair trade-off and Abby vs. her nemesis: the hair dryer.

Tuesday night is team practice and normally our hilly mile loops but because this weekend is OTTAWA RACE WEEKEND (aka, one of the most insane weekends for runners here in Ottawa) and most of the team is racing in one of the events (5k, 10k, half or full marathon), we had a taper workout…but let’s be clear, it’s not an easy workout.

5k warmup, then 5 x 600m downslopes with jog back (uphill) recovery and then 5k cool down. The average downslope pace was 3:30min/km (5:36 min/mi).

I seriously love that we are such a strong (emotionally and physically) group of women who are able to support each other every single day.

Um, can we talk about my ever increasing shoe obsession. I bought these the other day…

Are they comfortable? Who cares – they’re gorgeous!! LOL.

So, it’s cold here again…like, I wear a hat, mitts and scarf in the morning cold. The one good thing about that?

No humidity = STRAIGHT HAIR!!!!

On the weekend Abby got a much needed bath (you’ve seen how much time she spends lying on the dusty road on her back, right?) and because her fur is so thick it takes FOREVER to dry so I got fed up and tried to take the hair dryer (on low) to her. The video below shows how it went:


It’s hard to see because my arm was in the way, but she is basically snarling at me the whole time. LOL.

This pic was taken a while ago, but so shows her personality (if it wasn’t obvious already)…

“You work for me…bring me a treat!”

Happy Thursday!

8 thoughts on “Wearing mitts again but its somewhat fair trade-off and Abby vs. her nemesis: the hair dryer.

  1. irtfyblog

    Does Abby like a vacuum? is she’s indifferent, you could just suck the water out of her fur.

    Nice pictures and yes, your legs are gorgeous. 😉 LOL!

    btw…my little city of pathetic had a high temp of 42 on Tuesday, so you weren’t the only ones to have another cold blast. It’s supposed to be 85 for normal temps but we’re having November weather. that’s pathetic! lol.


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