Abby love and throwdowns, Team Tuesdays and being a science experiment.

This week is kind of a blur. Overall I’m ok. MDH continues to text me every night and tell me that he misses me. I tell him I miss him, too. But we both know that we’re at an impasse…and we’ll eventually completely cut ties…but what won’t change is that this little creature fills me with love…and laughter.


Although, I will admit…the love has a twinge of irritation when this happens for the 18th time on a 30 minute walk at 5:30am.

Tuesday night was team practice and in the summer, the Tuesday night workout is always a 5k warmup followed by 1 mile loops done on a hilly loop. This week it was 3-4 loops at 10k pace on 3 minutes rest. Because it was my first week out doing the loops this year I stuck with 3 loops and did mine in: 6:42, 6:32, 6:22. Speedy girl did her fourth one in 5:43. Sick. lol

This is the elevation data from the mile loop – I circled the mile.

It’s that hellish type of workout that never gets easier…but you sure get stronger and faster.

My heart rate data from the workout…

Sooooo comfy. lol

After practice some of my teammates took me out for drinks so we could MDH bash. LOL. Actually, we really didn’t waste too much time on him – way more fun things to talk about. But it was really sweet of them to take care of me like that.

Yesterday was a trip to the chiropractor. Since 2007 I have had a recurring (and almost paralyzing) neck issue (that flared up this week) and no one has been able to figure out what its root cause is…to the point where my chiropractor (and all his colleagues) treat me for free….it bugs them that they can’t figure it out, but want to keep me on as a case a science experiment. LOL.

They spend 95% of the appointment doing ART on my neck and upper back. And I spend 95% of the appointment cursing at them. It’s a good partnership.

On April 30th, my brother’s wife gave birth to their second child – Jillian. She is now the sister of my most awesome nephew & godson, Jackson. They live 6 hours from me. Sigh.

On Tuesday, this little princess had to be taken to hospital and, since I work in a well respected pediatric hospital, I have been my family’s point person to translate and help my brother and his wife navigate all the tests and procedures little Jillian has been going through. The doctors think she has an infection that they can control with antibiotics, but regardless, she will be in hospital for 14 days. I feel so sorry for Jillian but, since she won’t remember any of this, I feel mostly for my brother and his wife as all they want to be doing is being at home with their newest joy, not spending time in a hospital with their baby hooked up to IVs and monitors. Keep them in your prayers, please.

Happy Thursday!

10 thoughts on “Abby love and throwdowns, Team Tuesdays and being a science experiment.


    awe poor little baby. Hopefully she’ll be all ok soon.!
    Geezz speedy girl is crazy. Your times are super impressive too.! and hey at least you have someone to push you. 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      That nesting thing cracks me up. Sometimes she’ll turn around like 20 times before finally lying down…in what looks like the same mess of blankets it was when she first started twirling! LOL

      Liked by 1 person


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