“I Miss you” coming too late and Canada returns to its normal state of weather.

Wow. The support I got yesterday regarding Mr. Dog Hater (MDH) was incredible and left me feeling like I had superpowers and could take anything on when I have such great people around me. Thank you so much.

MDH texted me last night…wanted to check in…see how my day was…tell me his was bad, that he missed me…


I miss him too. But I won’t take him back. I now know I can’t trust him with Abby. You know, this furry trouble maker…

How does one not love her immediately when you see that face??

Sooooo, on the weekend we had temps in the high 80s…which was great except for the humidity which makes it so that I have to keep my hair curly since I will lose the battle to keep it straight EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

THEN, Monday, we woke up to winter. Seriously (ok, not totally seriously). But this is what I walked Abby in yesterday…

It was 46F.

And it’s rainy so in addition to making me want to wear my parka (I didn’t…for fear of ridicule from my neighbours!), I STILL have to have a rat’s nest on top of my head curly hair.

Some quick updates on my training since the race just over a week ago…

I ran an easy 5k last Wednesday.

Had my first field hockey game of the spring season last Thursday night…when the temp was in the glorious 80s and we played while the setting sun put on a beautiful show…

And on Sunday morning, I ran with my teammate, the “fast one”, for an easy 7 miles.

Yesterday was 7 miles on the TM because it was freezing and pouring rain.

Tonight is team practice…hopefully not in the rain, but it will be cold…although, the workout will be so killer that I’ll probably relish the cool temps!

And, finally, warm or cool temps, this is Abby.

Happy Tuesday!!!

15 thoughts on ““I Miss you” coming too late and Canada returns to its normal state of weather.


    hahah. ooh Abby,! how could he not love her.!!?!
    and field hockey..hmm definitely Canadian. lol. We both have the curly hair syndrome. Rock it.! that’s the only thing I’ve found works, because no way in controlling it. lol



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