Change of plans, my next US race will be….and Abby throwsdown.

What a beautiful morning we are having today! This was my view as I set out to walk Abby this morning…

And literally, 10 steps from my house, at the end of our walk, this was Abby:

Really? 10 steps?

Ever have neighbours who are tenants who are THE WORST EVER and the landlord doesn’t care and there’s nothing you can do? My neighbourhood has been suffering for the last year from this. But finally, the tenants are moving out!!! I think we might throw a street party when they are finally gone. Here is an example of why they are horrible people. I live in a really nice neighbourhood where people either garden themselves or hire gardeners…this is, as I type, the front lawn of these tenants:

And no, it’s not garbage day. Not for another week. Argh.

Sooooooo…I have a race this weekend, but it’s a Canadian one. My next US state to tackle was supposed to be Seattle, WA, in June. Buuuuuuut, I was slow in registering, booking flights and hotel and when I went to do it yesterday, um, I couldn’t find a downtown hotel for under $300/night. Everything else is sold out. Plus, the flight options I have are less than humane. So, I have changed my plans and have a new “next state” AND, I have registered, booked my flights and hotel. I am so incredibly excited…my next US race is set for August 23 in…..

And the race I’m doing, that is so perfect for this perpetually cold Canadian…

Have I told you how excited I am??

Happy Tuesday!!!

14 thoughts on “Change of plans, my next US race will be….and Abby throwsdown.

  1. Danny

    I’m from Florida and moved to New England last summer. I can tell you there has not been 1 time that I’ve been running up here where i thought to myself that i miss the heat. With that being said, Atlanta is a awesome city and I’m sure it will be a very nice course! Just be prepared to sweat like you’ve never sweated before going there in the middle of the summer. Good luck!


  2. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    Nice!! Definitely will be hot down there! πŸ™‚

    Yes – I currently have those kind of neighbours. The owners are selling the house though so hopefully they will be gone one of these days.

    Sometimes the landlords do care – but it is next to impossible to enforce anything. We own a house in California and evicted some awful tenants. They destroyed the house and took us to court (we won though). They owe us multiple thousands of dollars that we will probably never see.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      OMG, what a pain!!!! This landlord actually doesn’t care…well, now that they have moved out and he can see the damage they have done (that we were reporting to him) maybe he’ll care…but only because it will cost him money, not because he recognizes that it has made life on our street less than awesome at times.



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