The workout that makes you think your coach hates you…but at the same time, you kinda love it.

I ran yesterday. For the first time since my running shoes mishap on Sunday. lol

During the winter (and that’s a loosely defined period of time because I’m not yet convinced it’s not still winter), we have Thursday night practices on an indoor track. During the spring and summer we practice outside. And until the outdoor track opens, we’re running on a windy river pathway made of packed dirt and crushed gravel. (Note: I will soon have field hockey Thursday nights so no more track until next winter)

This is me driving to the river…looks warm and inviting, right? lol

Practice last night was: 500m out (along the windy river path, 30 seconds rest, then 500m back and 3 minutes rest. Repeat 5 times. So a total of 5km at 5k pace.

Holy hell it was like a hurricane out there.

There were white caps on the water. And with great consistency, for the 500m back (into the gale force winds) we were all 10 seconds slower than the 500m out with the wind at our backs. So it was a grueling workout but the type where you feel extra bonded to your teammates who were brave enough to do it with you.

I was very happy to get back into my car…

And turn my seat warmers on…yes, on April 23.

My fingers took a little longer to heat up.

My poor calves were in rough shape and I lay on the couch with icepacks on them for a while. Then I got up to put them back in the freezer and when I came back to the couch, Abby had moved right into my spot and when I asked her to move…this is how much she allowed me…


Saw this yesterday and I cracked up…”Best photo-bomb ever”


Happy Friday!!

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