Hanging out (and laughing) on the DL and the life of Queen Abby.

I took this yesterday morning as I set out on my walk with Abby.

This is the last evidence we have here in Ottawa that the sun exists. And if rain in the forecast for the next week wasn’t bad enough, look what is daring to show its face on my weather app this morning!

What?? Ok, let’s just ignore it and talk about rainbows and puppies…or Abby!

She has no shame. These are three um, slightly larger, friends we ran into over the weekend…Abby has no inhibitions as you can see.

This was her last night as I was making my dinner…

And then this was her as I was reading in bed last night.

I feel like there is a trend here…lol


Yup. This is where I find myself. Sigh. That stupid run in those stupid new shoes have left me completely crippled. Like, to the point where I fell to the floor as I tried to get out of bed this morning. My calves are on like rocks of lava they’re so tight and sore. I have never been in this much pain from a sore muscle IN MY LIFE. Like, 25 times worse than when I ran an ultramarathon. It’s so bad, that all I can do is laugh. Because really, a) it’s my own stupid fault and b) what else am I going to do? Complain and whine about it? Boooooring.

Soooo…until I can run again, there will probably just be lots of pictures of Abby…this was her as I was getting ready to leave this morning. She knows just how to tug at my heartstrings.

Happy Tuesday!!!

14 thoughts on “Hanging out (and laughing) on the DL and the life of Queen Abby.

  1. earl_penney

    Advil, KT Tape, compression socks, ice bath, epsom salt bath, stretching, foam rolling, tiger balm, massage, acupuncture, acupressure. So now if you do ANYthing I’ll feel as though you listened to me…

    Liked by 1 person


    Abby. hahah. still laying down with friends around. she is too silly.!
    oh gosh.! sorry about your injury, what shoes caused that.!?? that is just horrible luck. hope you feel better soon.!


  3. Just a Running Chick

    I’m so sorry the Skechers were so bad! Honestly, when I heard about Skechers shoes for the first time (especially the running shoes), I was leery of them. Give me a good ole Asics running shoe any day! So so sorry you’re injured!

    Boy Abby has her stance down pat, eh? LOL What a flirt!! 🙂


  4. Kristin

    Oh no, sorry to hear about your pain!!! You are a tough one, so I know you’ll be back to it soon!! I’ll be thinking about you! Also, Abby is the cutest and coolest dog in the world!! Hehe!! I cannot get over these pictures!! I’m still laughing!! HOW CUTE!!! She knows how to pose!! Hehe!! Such a cutie pie!!! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person


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