Abby’s infamous poses return and a less than stellar fueling decision.

Yup. Spring is definitely here. If you’re new to my blog in the last 6 months, let me introduce you to the Abby throwdown – done primarily on walks. MULTIPLE times. Over the next few months of warm weather, you will see that she has not only perfected, but has created many different variations, of the tantrum pose.

After a lot of threatening coaxing, I finally got her back on all four paws and moving forward.

I got out of work early yesterday (very emotional case with a patient and we all left a little early to try and decompress) and so I decided to have dinner before my team’s track practice last night.

Yeah. Bad idea as it turned out. I finished the workout strong, but it was NOT pleasant. And, at risk of TMI…I was running to the bathroom as soon as I was done. The fun parts about being a runner, eh?

Workout was: 4 sets of 3x400m, 90 seconds rest between 400s, 3 minutes between sets





I don’t know why exactly, but I love looking at my HR data after speed workouts…

One more Abby pic to leave you with for the weekend…yes, she thinks she is human.

Happy Friday!!!


9 thoughts on “Abby’s infamous poses return and a less than stellar fueling decision.

  1. irtfyblog

    Your track practice looks incredibly exhausting. LOL 😀
    I don’t know how you all do it. I had a difficult enough time just running short burst sprints when I was healthy and prepping for a half.

    Thanks for the Abby pics. They make me smile.

    Liked by 1 person


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