Birthday fun (with communism at dinner?) and Abby spots a cat.

When I rounded the corner of my house on Friday, after work, I was greeted with a wonderful sight:

An early birthday surprise for me from a very important friend who lives far away…and who I don’t know what I would do without everyday.

So yeah, I turned 37 on Saturday. 37…27, is there really a difference? LOL.

In order to maintain my group fitness certification I need to take a certain number of continuing education credits each year and there is a day-long fitness conference here in Ottawa that gets me a whack load so I attend it every year…sadly, this year, it fell on my birthday…so that’s where I spent my birthDAY.

These were the tools I got to start out with in the first workshop of the conference and since I had had to squeeze in 6 miles BEFORE the conference and had had no time to stretch/roll afterwards, this was PERRRRRFECT. We spent 90 minutes using these torture devices and I loved every minute of it.

Saturday night I was taken out on a date for my birthday dinner to Khao Thai.When the waitress came with the meals, she placed them in the middle of the table as if we were going to share (but that hadn’t been our plan). She must have seen our reaction and said, “Well, I just figure that sharing is caring…(and then, as she turned away, she muttered)…or communism”.

WHAT?? Ba-hahahahaha. Who says that???

Sunday was a COMPLETELY LAZY morning re-watching GOT. Yes, that’s right, because I have watched all 4 seasons. All 4 seasons while on my treadmill. That’s around 30 hours. LOL.

And then early afternoon I finally got my long run in. And OH. MY. GOD.

There may still be ice on the canal…and snow on the ground in places…

But we were in the 60s yesterday and after the winter we’ve had, that felt like the tropics. I was out in shorts and a tank top for 10 miles where I had to fight traffic – everyone and their grandmother was out enjoying the first warm air since…well, since probably October! My skin was so shocked that I actually got a sunburn!

Not a great pic, but I think you can see the outlines of my tank top. Ridiculous.

Then last night my parents took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Started off with a delicious glass of Sangria…

Then enjoyed a yummy salad with goat cheese, strawberries and candied pecans.

And then the most mouth watering butternut squash ravioli…yeah, I started inhaling it before I remembered to take a pic! lol

So Abby hates cats. It comes from a combination of her DNA programmed need to hunt and a complete fear of cats (it’s like she just can’t figure out what they are!). And when she sees one, the most horrifying sound comes out of her – like someone is stabbing her to death. It’s awful. I was in the kitchen yesterday when a cat had the audacity (lol) to stroll past my backyard (but on the other side of the fence) and Abby spotted it…and LOST. HER. MIND. By the time I grabbed my phone and started videoing raucous, she had calmed considerably, but for a dog who is normally quite silent, it still cracks me up.

Happy Monday!

15 thoughts on “Birthday fun (with communism at dinner?) and Abby spots a cat.


    butternut squash ravioli.. that sounds amazing.!! 🙂
    and Hope you still had an awesome Birthday.! Happy Birthday.!! 🙂

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