Coach calls me a freak and Abby joins me on my cool-down…oh, and the alien incident.

Yup. This is the cuteness that was hanging out with me on the couch once I got home from track practice last night. Sympathy exhaustion.It was only me and “fast girl” who made it out to practice last night. The workout was a different sort of one:

5 sets of: 400m (then 30s rest), 300m (30s rest), 100m (then 3 minutes rest) all at 5k pace.

I forgot my Garmin last night…UGH. So I have no HR data and I would have LOVED HR data after last night’s workout with those short 30s rest periods!! Oh well. I know my numbers for the 400s and the 100s because my coach calls those out (but he was on the other side of the track for the 300s soooooo, those will have to be a secret between my feet and the track.

400s: 1:28, 1:20, 1:20, 1:19, 1:18

100s: 20s, 20s, 20s, 19s

I said to coach after the workout, “I remember when I first joined the team and if I got sub 1:30 on a 400m repeat I was over the moon and thought that the girls who ran sub 1:20’s were awesome freaks of nature”. He smiled and said, “And now you’re one of them. Really good job, tonight.”

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Happy Dance ensued.

Although I’m still using the disco leash with Abby in the morning…

There are definite clearer and clearer signs that spring is here…well, at least for those who have houses facing south…

Those facing north still look out onto more of a wintery landscape everyday lol

Last night I had a very funny conversation with a friend…my Emoji game friend. Here is what I was seeing on my screen and the conversation that was happening (I’m the blue bubbles):

But come on, that looks like an alien he keeps sending me, no?? So he then sent me a screen shot from his phone of the same portion of the conversation and I just about fell off the couch laughing (I’m the grey bubbles).

Apparently I need to update my phone so aliens don’t take it over…and so my phone isn’t accused of being racist again!

6 easy miles on the TM this morning followed by some cuddle time with Abby as a cooldown.

Happy Friday!!

15 thoughts on “Coach calls me a freak and Abby joins me on my cool-down…oh, and the alien incident.

  1. irtfyblog

    way to go on the splits!
    Your phone IS a racist because ALL electronics are racists. They don’t discriminate. πŸ˜‰ (I should know…I’m a computer guy.)

    Also, it appears that Abby enjoys being your pillow. πŸ™‚ she’s too cute.


      1. irtfyblog

        :-\ Ummm…..yeah. I guess they would be. LOL! I’m a dork!

        I can see why you can’t get enough of her. Keep posting them pics of her. We love seeing them. (notice that I speak for everyone?) πŸ˜‰


      2. irtfyblog

        LOL! No problem. πŸ™‚

        I’m happy to be THAT guy who reminds you that your blog isn’t and never will be about you…it’s about Abby. But if it makes you feel better…you have pretty eyes and a beautiful smile.

        THERE! Are ya happy now? lol!


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