A very Canadian night with a huge W, racing Prime Ministers and a Sensquatch sighting

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jane (yup, we have the same name) asked me and our mutual friend Kyle if we wanted in on a deal she was offered for a Sens (our NHL hockey team here) game.

For $50 we could get tickets to a game where you eat up in their “The Ledge” restaurant and watch the game from your seats. I hadn’t been to a game yet this year, so I was totally into it…but really had no idea what our seats/view would really be like…up on the 400 level…i.e. above the nosebleed section.

Turns out, they were AWESOME. Aaaaaaaaaaand, when we bought the tickets, we had absolutely no idea that this would be an incredibly important game as we desperate try to get a spot in the playoffs and it’s do-or-die right now.

This was our meal:

I so desperately want to like Smoked Meat sandwiches…but every time I get one, by the second bite, I’m grossed out. At least the potato salad and the pickle were good! LOL

We played against Pittsburgh which means we get to watch our Canadian hero, Crosby #87, play, but what was not fun was when the Penguins scored within the first 10 seconds of the game…and then twice more before the end of the first period. UGH. It made it so that we were so desperate for entertainment that, during Intermission, the Prime Minister Race was highlight!!

Seriously, those big heads (resembling past Prime Ministers) skating around was hilarious – you can hear my friend Jane laughing beside me.

We went into the third period down 3-1 and then suddenly, the unthinkable happened…we scored…and then scored AGAIN…and then went into overtime…AND SCORED!!!!! Seriously, the arena went CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!!

And just when we thought we had seen it all…

A Sensquatch sighting. LOL

Yesterday was Tempo Tuesday. Did 3 miles warm-up followed by 6 miles at 7:13 – 7:03min/mi (4:29 – 4:23min/km) pace. Felt awesome.

Happy Wednesday!!!

5 thoughts on “A very Canadian night with a huge W, racing Prime Ministers and a Sensquatch sighting

  1. Earl

    Yeah yeah hockey in Canada… Shocker. It’s like if you told me it snowed today. I wouldn’t be surprised ⛄️



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