Slaying dragons with a 3 yr old, a photo bombing shark and 46 miles.

This is really what my weekend was all about.

But can I just tell you about my long run last Friday morning? First of all, I left the house looking like this (yes, like I think I’m a superhero).

Ok, really, it’s about the fact that I have skin showing…it was THAT warm!!! I had 14 miles on my plan, but it was so beautiful out there and I felt so fantastic,

that I threw in an extra mile and did 15 miles total at an average pace of 7:58 min/mile (4:57 min/km) and a heart rate at the low end of my zone. I was seriously on cloud nine. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with a friend and for dinner I INHALED a burger from Five Guys.

Seriously, are they not the best burgers around??

Saturday morning I did an easy 7 miles before getting into the car with my parents and making the trek to southern Ontario. It took us 5 hours to get to Toronto…5 hours of THIS

It was kinda horribly painful. LOL

In Toronto we stopped in at my grandparents’ residence and celebrated my grandfather’s 95th birthday!

Yes, that is my awesome grandfather and my adorable nephew, Jackson blowing out birthday candles!!

Here is Jackson hugging his great-grandfather. My heart melts.

What didn’t make my heart melt was the food served at my g-parents residence.

If you move your food around enough, it makes it looks like you ate more of it than you really did, right??

We then drove another 1.5 hours to my brother’s place where we stayed for the rest of the weekend. Easter Sunday morning I was woken up to the wonderful sounds of “Auntie Jane! Wake up! The Easter Bunny came!” When I got downstairs this is what was going on!

The unfortunate thing was what was going on OUTSIDE!

I spent the rest of the weekend giving my brother a hard time about his hair

I mean really, how can a big sister NOT make fun of that???

But really, most of my time was spent slaying dragons, saving various people from witches and rescuing monkeys from “bad guys”. The imagination of a 3 year old is incredible…and exhausting.

(in that video he gets my mom to re-fuel him with gas – I had specifically been told I was not allowed to be re-fueled…lol)

And we took A LOT of selfies. It’s what Jackson and I do.

And then my dad learned about “photo bombing”

…and thought the shark needed to keep making an appearance. lol

My brother and sister-in-law wish I lived closer because Jackson is EXHAUSTED by the end of the day when I’m there. (so am I!!!!)

Yesterday was a 7 hour drive home in heavy Easter Weekend traffic and yes, more of Willie’s Roadhouse torture music. But it ended with me picking up this nutcase which always makes me so happy!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend – Happy Tuesday!!!

Oh, and p.s., I ran 46 miles (73km) last week. Whoop!

13 thoughts on “Slaying dragons with a 3 yr old, a photo bombing shark and 46 miles.

      1. 50statecanuck Post author

        See? When I’m trapped in a vehicle hurtling down the highway, it’s different…listening to it in my office when I have the freedom to escape the sound at any moment makes it easier to listen to. lol

        Liked by 1 person


    Good job on that 15 miler.!! awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚
    hahah. your brother has awesome Elvis hair. Glad you had a great Easter weekend with your family.!



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