April Fools’ a day late, Frosting & bacon, and Abby maulings.


And if that wasn’t enough of a cruel joke on me, this is what greeted me as I stepped out the front door with Abby this morning.

Yeah. Fresh snow…and still falling as I walked Abby.

But I can ignore this because yesterday, while I was walking Abby, I saw light…literally.

As we began our walk, it was like hope at the end of a dark tunnel…the tunnel we call Winter Hell…

And this was half-way through…you know you’re Canadian at the end of a long winter when THIS is what makes you excited.And then when we got to the end of the walk, it was so bright out that I actually turned off Abby’s disco leash!!

As I said before, training schedule had to change a bit this weekend due to Easter weekend and my travel plans, but this is it so far:

Green is what I have done…the 14 miles is what lies ahead of me for tomorrow morning. And after getting an update on our estimated time of departure on Saturday, I’ve slotted in a run to try and get in before we leave.

Yesterday when I got home from work and rounded the corner to my front door, my face broke out in a huge grin…

Package for me!!!!

Frosting from my awesome friend from Texas Jen (she is known for her cupcakes and often ships them off to friends…but a real friend knows when you really just want the frosting!!).

The other gift…(notice I haven’t even taken my jacket or hat off before tearing open the package)

…is from her daughter, Alli, who I ADORE!!! She collects duct tape (we all have our quirks, no?) and she knows (as do you) that I LOVE LOVE LOVE bacon. So she made me a special pen with her Bacon Duct Tape. So awesome.

My hamstring is doing much better these days…still spend a few minutes each evening, lying on the floor, rolling out my glutes and TFL…Abby takes advantage of this…

I love that dog.

Happy Thursday…and Happy Easter long weekend!!!

11 thoughts on “April Fools’ a day late, Frosting & bacon, and Abby maulings.

  1. Just a Running Chick

    LOL I looked at the reader this morning and thought, “What happened to Jane?” Then your post popped up! Cool gifts! Winter makes you understand why people worshipped the sun and celebrated the solstices, doesn’t it?


  2. irtfyblog

    hahaha! I was up with you at 4:57 AM. crazy time to get up for no reason…at least you have a dog you have to walk. 😉

    Always fun getting gifts from friends…especially frosting and bacon-type stuff!



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