Getting robbed, mileage totals and Abby sillies.

I got robbed this morning.

My alarm goes off at 5am…and this is the time I woke up at. I hate that.

But then I rolled over and saw this:

All was well.

Last week while I was reviewing my running log to send off to my coach I decided to do something I have never done before: tally up my monthly mileage for January and February. I really don’t care all that much, but I often hear people saying how many miles they run per week or month and I decided to see what mine was.

Ha. Kinda cool when you see the actual numbers.

This morning was…TEMPO TUESDAY

Still trying to build back to where I was pre-plague and was happy with this morning’s workout:

King Joffrey is dead and Tyrion is in the dungeons. THAT is what got me through it. LOL.

Because I’ll be away for the Easter long weekend (and unlikely to be running much or at all), I’ve had to adjust my running schedule for the week to minimize the workouts I’ll miss. This is what my plan is:

Last night, while relaxing in front of the TV, I realized that Abby had got herself underneath the mass of blankets next to me. I totally thought she was stuck so what’s my reaction? Get up and start videoing it all (’cause you know it’s hilarious to watch!). But, joke was on me.

This is her new thing now. Burrow deep under blankets. She was there for an hour – sound asleep. Such a weirdo.

Happy Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Getting robbed, mileage totals and Abby sillies.

  1. irtfyblog

    How are you not paper thin with all the millage you run? I would be half the man I am if I put in that many miles a month…Oh wait! I forget that you eat bacon…never mind! 😉

    And Abby. How does she stay under those blankets for so long? It’s got to get toasty under there


      1. irtfyblog

        Oh yeah! I forgot McD’s! sorry.
        lol…that’s hilarious. and with all that fur to boot! was she the runt of the liter? Did her mom drop her on her head as a pup?



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