Getting punk’d (right??), army invades my backyard, and Abby being Abby.

Yesterday I was celebrating the fact that I did my long run wearing not my winter running shoes, but my normal running shoes!!

It was 14F and you can see along the path on the left that everyone was out enjoying the “warm” weather!!

Then, when I walked out my front door this morning to walk Abby, I MIGHT have said a bad word.

I’m being punk’d, right?!?

That’s freshly fallen snow…that continued to fall during the walk and is STILL falling. So far, it’s not staying on the ground…but that’s little consolation as we still have a lot of it…which Abby is loving on our walks!

I went out for beers Saturday night with friends. I had 2 beers, not a lot. But I’ll tell you, my stomach felt off yesterday and after my long run, I knew I needed to eat something,  but the only thing I could fathom eating was…

This time I opted for the cheeseburger (2 of them!!) and they were much better than the Big Mac I had a couple of weeks ago. Soooooooooooo good.

While lying on the couch digesting the food, I heard some shouting out back and Abby, who was outside at the time, started barking like crazy. I got up and looked out back only to see this scene unfolding.

Yup. This is normal. LOL. Out behind my house is National Defense property and every so often they run drills…some more exciting than others! This was a great one!! Although Abby did NOT think so.

But you know Abby, she got over it soon enough.

And one more Abby pic for the day…yes, underneath that mound of blankets is a burrowed wiener dog. She is such a weirdo. LOL

Happy Monday!!

12 thoughts on “Getting punk’d (right??), army invades my backyard, and Abby being Abby.

  1. irtfyblog

    Hey…it may be snowing, but at least you can see grass and it appears the ice is melting on the canal, so those are positives!
    McDonald’s cheeseburgers are Sooooo healthy! The McDoubles are awesome…don’t know if they sell them up there, but if so…you should give ’em a try.

    Love the pictures of Abby! they make me smile. 😉


      1. irtfyblog

        They are normally on the dollar menu and they are different from a “double cheeseburger”. I’m not sure how they are different, but according to the staff at McDonald’s they are different. The McDoubles are less expensive than the double cheeseburger but that’s the only difference in my opinion. So make sure you don’t order the “double cheeseburger”. Order the McDouble off the dollar menu. LOL


      2. irtfyblog

        lol. it may have changed, but I know they used to have mexican food on the menu’s there. My uncle lives there and tells me stuff like this all the time, but he drinks a lot so who can believe him? lol

        Liked by 1 person


    somedays you just have to give in to your cravings of fast food. lol
    and crazy about the military dudes, be pretty cool to watch though.

    Liked by 1 person


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