“Keep it sane and don’t blow your…” and Abby black magic.

Thursday morning I got to do something very special.

Yup, this is an “end of winter/beginning of spring” coat that was donned today for the first time in months!! WOOHOO!!!

Didn’t mean that I still didn’t do this though!

I LOVE my seat warmers.

Last night was track practice…again, I swear I ran around the track, in a normal loop pattern.

The workout was:

4x400m on 1 minute rest; 1 x 1mile, 3 minutes rest, 4x400m on 1 minute rest

First set of 400s: 1:33, 1:28, 1:26, 1:25

Mile: 6:21

Last set of 400s: 1:28, 1:26, 1:25, 1:24

Before the last 400, coach said, “Keep it sane…don’t blow a hamstring…JANE”. LOL

Hit a new max heart rate during a workout last night:

Kinda gross…but kinda awesome, no?

It wasn’t necessarily epic, but it was a reminder of how awesome the women I run with are. On the last repeat, my fast teammate, Nadine, who I had been just behind all night, slowed down, with 100m to go, just enough so I could catch up to her and then she raced me in – it was awesome. SHE is awesome.

I think that Abby is trying to coat herself in snow so that it lasts all summer.

Thankfully this is ONE place where she does not get her way. ONE place.

Update: Joke’s on me apparently. I wrote the above last night and then woke up to fresh snow on the ground!

Which was bad enough…but by the time I had finished my run, it was snowing again outside…even the Weather Gods have fallen under Abby’s spell. Sigh.

Happy Friday!

P.S. I still wore my spring coat to work today! #rebel

7 thoughts on ““Keep it sane and don’t blow your…” and Abby black magic.

  1. rundoodlerun

    One of my favorite things to do during the summer is drive around at night with the windows open when it’s a little bit chilly out, but have the seat heaters on high 🙂 Pure happiness 🙂 They really are one of the best inventions. Ever.



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