You know it’s bad when even bacon can’t make me happy…

Do you see this face? Does this face look very impressed with the world?

No, it doesn’t. And there is good reason for that.

This was Saturday morning as I was walking Abby…

photo 1Yeah, that’s fresh snow…that didn’t stop falling ALL DAY LONG.

And WHY, if it’s Spring, am I still having to use these??

And even this flashy leash from my trip to Vegas is getting tiresome…I would like, instead, for the sun to light my path with Abby in the morning!

So, 6 miles were done on the TM on Saturday…

LOL – ok, I’m not really complaining about that…6 miles of GOT!!!

Sunday’s run was a whole different beast. A very nasty beast. Andy and I had 14 miles on our plate. A 14 mile Spring run in THIS:

I may have been smiling for this pic

But I can’t remember the last time I have been so miserable on a run. It was dangerously icy on the paths and it was incredibly windy and so horribly cold. In case you’re doubting how miserable I was, this was the brunch I went out for afterwards…

I ate maybe half of it. Yeah, now you’re worried, right?

It’s ok, my parents came back from two weeks in the Caribbean and I picked them up at the airport last night (I might have been snickering at their shocked faces when they emerged from the airport and were hit with the wall of arctic air)…but they thanked me for the drive with this:

If bacon can’t make me feel better, milk chocolate always will. This bar is a foot long. Heaven.

And Abby?

This was her last evening:

And this was her this morning when I opened my eyes:

Life is good.

Happy Monday!!


16 thoughts on “You know it’s bad when even bacon can’t make me happy…

  1. Chris

    Well at least your hair looks nice in the first picture! Yeah I am trying to come up with something positive because the cold and snow looks awful.


  2. Kristin

    Awww, Abby is the cutest!! Adorable!! 🙂 Also, great job on getting your runs done!! You are tough!! Chocolate always makes me happy, too!! Yay to chocolate! Have a happy day! XOXO


  3. irtfyblog

    I’m sorry the cold sucks Canadian balls right now. Winter doesn’t seem to want to go away at all…We were in the 70’s for the past two weeks and today it dropped into the upper 40’s. ((chilly)). Of course that not the same monster you’re dealing with up there…but still…I just put all my winter gear away and now I have to dig it back out for the next couple weeks. ((sigh))
    Abby is hilarious…thanks for those pictures. They really brighten my day.

    Here’s to hoping you can model those bikini’s really, really, really soon LOL 😉



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