Spring Shming, 800 leader of the pack, Abby rolls…and rolls.

Happy first day of spring – I’m looking the part with my sleeveless top, no?












Yeah, well…I’m just trying to pretend this week…truth is that I’m still wearing snowpants and hand warmers in my mitts while I walk Abby in the morning…which still looks like this when we’re out at 5:30am.













Last night was track practice…

















I swear, I ran around a track, in the same lane, not willy-nilly like this makes it look!

The workout was 6 x 800m on 3 minutes rest. I loathe 800m repeats.

And to make it worse, the two fast girls weren’t there last night which meant I had to lead…and set the pace knowing that the peeps behind me would be counting on me. THE PRESSURE!!!!















The track was almost empty because it was spring break which was AWESOME – no kids running in random lanes or stopping dead right in front of you!

My times were: 3:14 (just testing the hammie out and figuring out my pace), 3:04, 3:01, 2:59, 3:01, 2:55 – that is my fastest 800 repeat in a workout :))) And overall am super happy with my times last night – I was nervous with both having to lead and with having had to take so much time off in the last 2 weeks.

This morning I ran 5 easy miles on the TM (hammie not terribly happy but complied) and then did a strength workout – lunges, TRX ham curls, clamshells, TRX rows, push-ups, core work

What you don’t see here…















…is that there is a little furball “spotting” me very close by

As for Abby and her thoughts on Spring…















I don’t think she’s eager for Spring to actually arrive…she would miss her lengthy rolls inthe snow!

Happy Friday and first day of Spring!!



4 thoughts on “Spring Shming, 800 leader of the pack, Abby rolls…and rolls.

  1. Jessica

    Looks like my picture from yesterday.! morning all dark. lol
    and augh, leading is the worst. The leader always works the hardest. Good job on your workout 🙂

    Have a great Friday.!



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